self motivation

The Skill of Self Motivation

I have had to practice self motivation ever since I decided to really become a blogger and youtuber. 

Technique #4

Take a Walk in An Unlikely Neighborhood

Think about how many times you have walked thought about going to visit a neighborhood that just to see what it's like. One of the things that I want most in life is to have a small space in Downtown Bmore where I can be creative. I love living directly in the heart of the city. I walk around that area all of time. I want to know every inch of the area so that when my time comes and that townhouse is ready, I will already be acquainted. 

Technique #5

Plan Out An Ideal Day

I am very big on visualization. I mean seriously. Like there are days that a day plays out in my head like a movie and then I blink only to find that I can put a smile on my face all the time. Some of my days really do turn out to be just as I visualized it. When you plan your ideal days out, you move with less stress, accomplish more and enjoy life often. 

Technique #9

Reward Yourself Regularly

This is such a biggie. Regret is such a harsh word. It sticks to you like sap from a tree. Let go and trust that you earned the reward for reaching a small milestone. Its okay to allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Set parameters and adjust as the milestones get bigger (wider).