Stepping Into The Battlefield | Monday Motivation


Hello Loves, 

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Today's blog post is all about that weekly dose of Monday Motivation. 


Now if you don't know me, then you don't know that I have a mini podcast on Anchor. If you aren't following me on Twitter, click here to get in the now. Every week on Anchor, I try to do a mini podcast based on a topic. On today's podcast, I spoke about what it takes and how to deal with jumping into the battlefield of your passion. 


Let's say for instance, that you have a really great idea that you have been sitting on for a while. You happen to scroll down your IG timeline, only to find that someone else has just released your great idea to their audience. 

Immediately you get a deep whole in your stomach and start to beat yourself up mentally..... I advise you to STOP! Do Not fall down the Rabbit Hole. Pull yourself together and keep on your path. You still need to release your product to your audience. Please understand, that you are uniquely YOU! Only you can attract who you attract. Stop trying to be the only one in your field. It's impossible. 

Whats possible is for you to be a key contender in the game. That's what important. Your sparkle is yours and yours alone. There is space, room and opportunity for you as well. 


See You On The BattleField!!!

xoxo LOVE

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