Well it’s here again. The New Year is here and its time to celebrate. Isn’t it amazing how we all start the NEW YEAR with all of this vigor and then within month one, something takes us down. I know, I know, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!


My question is, Are you sure?



As I sit here and write this blog post, I am trying to fix my face because the last day of 2017 didn’t go at all as planned. The worst part of it, I can’t get over it. One of the things I said was that I would learn how to forgive more moving forward. So how on the first day of the year, can you forgive someone whose mistake you can’t understand?


Food for thought…..



I am a work in progress and so are you. So for 2018, I decided that I was not going to do a “What I Learned in 2017” blog post. It’s so cliche’. (even though I may actually do it again!! hehehehehe) I just want to work on my ismssss! You know all the things that tick your buttons. I think that the more we go through, the more we either put up walls and hold ourselves back or we push through and come out triumphant. 





I am choosing the later. In 2018 I want to accomplish ME! I want to not beat myself up for all the blog posts I didn’t write, all the videos I didn’t create, all the time I lost working my 9-5, and most importantly all the life I didn’t live nor taught my kids to do the same. 



In 2018 I want you to think about what you need in order to regain your inner Happy and Live On. No more standing on the sidelines while people portray a life for pictures. How do you actually live it and love it? I am not throwing stones. I have literally found myself on the sidelines as well looking through the glass like, "wow these girls are killing the game." I have done that several times. 


Let's make a Girl Pact right now and Kick 2018's Ass!!!

xoxo LOVE

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