The Urge To Run

Hello Loves, 

It's been a minute. And, while I would like to say that my hiatus is all about summer fun in the sun, it tells a different story. 

Life in your 40's is way different than I ever thought it would be. When I tell you that it looks, feels, smells and is like no other. Wrangling my way with this thing I fell in love with called blogging and being a FT CEO. I find myself chasing my happy place on a daily basis. I am truly in love with the concept of #blackgirlhappy because I know that its not a common thing in our culture. I will say it when everyone else won't. 

So as I am writing this blog post, I have to say that all I want to do is run. I want to put one foot in front of the other and just keep walking. I want to walk into a new life, walk into the sun on a daily basis walk to my own drum beat. It's so hard to want that for yourself at this age because guess what? I have mortgage, tuition and 2 beautiful humans I am responsible for. 

Urges as a MF!!!! 


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