The Outer Layer

The Outer Layer


A few days ago I sat across from a woman who looked very put together. I thought to myself, or rather I judged her from head to toe. Her makeup is flawless. Like blended very well and put in place. Her glasses were Gucci. Very cute investment. Her outfit was okay. It looked like she had gained a few pants because her designer pants were shaped weird but even still she was fly and put together.  Lastly, her shoes were typical girl cute (if you know what that means). 


But as I was friendly judging her like all of us do, I personally thought how I look from the outside in. I mean, yes I fell in love with blogging. But, for me it was on a deeper level. I love fashion and lifestyle but I didn’t want to be put in that category. I didn’t want to be another “Black Girl Blogger”. I wanted to create something deeper and bigger. I want to help women where they are to realize their Fearlessness, their fabulousness and their phenomenal. It takes a while for some of us to get there and we have to be okay with it. 


My ISH isnt’t together by a long shot. Yes I take pictures, I blog and I am an entrepreneur. But, I also still work a FT job, I am a mother and I am still not married. I have lots of stuff that I am working through. I made a major breakthrough in my life and the only way that you would know it, is if you really followed my timeline. I put on my game face and outfit on and toughed it out, but it was devastatingly hard. Just putting one foot in front of the other was on some days a freakin nightmare. 


Just know that you aren’t the only one. We all do it well. We all judge. We all hide our ISH and we all survive together in secret. 


Thanks for Reading!!! More to Come!!!