My Life Is Just Beginning

Hello Loves, 

Happy Saturday!!

I am literally writing this blog post as I'm sitting in a tech class listening to a Forbes top ten tech guru. All I can think about how I am so excited to be at this point in my life and starting to really live my dreams. I have a few personal things to handle on my plate (which we all do), but I have planted both of my feet firmly on the ground. 

It took me a minute to get comfortable with the fact that I am not to old to go out and share my best with in this digital space. And when I say a minute, I mean a little over a year. So if this is where you are right now, then be okay with that. Just don't stay in that space to long. 

Get with someone, flush out your idea, make sure that you have proper market product fit and launch. That nugget is for my Fabpreneurs. 

For my everyday Just Making Life happen females, show the world what it looks like to live. I think that we absolutely have to make sure that we are sharing our happy. There is so much going on that we need to filter what we have going on and going in. Flaunt your beginning with everyone, everywhere. 

Wearing: Jeans: Amourchic | Tee: Amourchic | Jacket: H&M | Clutch: BCBG |