You versus The Calla Lily

Hello Loves, 

This blog post is dedicated to my second look from the VB x Target Collab. This is my second favorite piece in the collection. I shared my first one here. In general I love the Calla Lily. I love the look and how it adapts to the environment in whatever room its in. 

I wanted to share some of the most interesting things I learned about them after I brought this shirt. What I also want to point out, is that if you were to do a small comparison, how would you measure up. Let's see!!

Calla Lilys come in a unique form. (no new knowledge there but definitely something to think about) They come in a wide array of colors. They are easy to grow. They are versatile and play well in lots of settings. Lastly, they signify magnificence and beauty. 

Outfit Deets!!  Blouse: VB X Target | Pants: H&M |  Shoes: Aldo |