What You Hear While Being Silent

Hello Loves, 

Today I wanted to blog about a lesson that a very wise woman told me years ago. She wasn't the most spiritual woman I knew, but she certainly had her way of getting her voice across. She had this quiet stillness about her that to this day I will always love her for. 

I used to look at her and think, if only she spoke up louder like me people would hear her. But it was something about her quiet stillness, her reservedness and her ability to say so much without saying a thing. 

There was this one day that she caught me at like 1:00am and pulled me up because I am pretty sure my behavior at that point was a little out there, and she said listen. "The only way that you can hear God and get answers is if you are quiet and still." 

I have to admit that for about two days, I didn't fully get it. I mean I was going to church every Sunday. If he wanted to speak to me he could. Then I realized that he couldn't because I wasn't open to hear him with all the noise going on around me and inside me. 

There is something about being able to sit still as you get older and getting clarity on what you are to do. You can't hear in the noise. The most important thing I learned is that you are absolutely not able to get through your mess without taking a substantial amount of time sitting still and definitely not stressing beyond your capabilities. 

It's a great habit to form and I hope that you do from reading this, this day forward!!! I wish I had learned this when I was in my 20's, I mean I will even take my 30's. I think I would have saved myself lots of heartache and time. 

Think about how you want more prosperity, more faith, love, happiness and fairy tale moments. I honestly dream about having at least one fairy tale moment soon. I think I need it more than I need air. It's almost like you have to have a little faith that it can happen for you too. I have my best friend to thank for at least keeping that image alive in the front of my brain.