Viva La Mexico Family Style


Hello Loves,

Welcome to my first post of 2019!!!

And, seeing that it’s January 2019, it really should be considered the first post of the year. So where should I really start? Hmmm!

Well, I am currently sitting here writing this post while I just had the most calming and intoxicating (intoxicated, insert major laugh emoji) day ever. I have really been down in the dumps these last few weeks and trying to pull it together for christmas. I have been filming for Vlogmas, but I haven’t edited the vids because Legit, they are boring and I wouldn’t want to watch them.

But, on a high note. I surprised my family and took them to Mexico in October and it was flat out the best holiday we have ever taken. It was the first time we traveled internationally as a family. So by any means, it was kind of a big deal.


Where We Stayed!!

We stayed at the most beautifully Spanish Inspired Resort , The Ocean Riveria Paradise ever. I can’t describe it enough, i’ll just let the pictures speak for itself. The layout of the land was spectacular. I mean if you could take a small Spanish Village and pop it into Mexico, that’s exactly what they did. To get a better view of the resort and the layout, I suggest you watch the Vlog!! (Sidenote: Make sure you subscribe)


What We Ate!!

The resort hosted several restaurants outside of the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner! One of my fav dishes was this shrimp dish (from the mexican restaurant on the resort), that has better camera time on the vlog that is linked below.

We also ate at a Kobe Style restaurant which had amazing food!!! The flavors were out of this world.

Since we traveled with the kids, we ate at the cafeteria for most meals and they even loved ordering room service several times. A little give and take goes a long way. Truth be told, we only ate a the two restaurants because I had to beg them to come out of the pool and do it!!



So there was some amazing wildlife on the resort. The best part is the monkeys. You can see great footage of the monkeys our travel vlog. I won’t elaborate, you will have to see it for yourself.




And in a quick four day nutshell, that’s it. Enjoy the whole experience by clicking on the video below!! This is only the beginning of our travel experiences. See you next time!!

Big hugs and kisses.

XOXO Love!!!

Stepping Into The Battlefield | Monday Motivation


Hello Loves, 

Welcome back to my blog. Firstly, have you subscribed via Bloglovin yet? Please do so!! I have so many exciting things I want to share with you this year and I need you to get access early. 

Today's blog post is all about that weekly dose of Monday Motivation. 


Now if you don't know me, then you don't know that I have a mini podcast on Anchor. If you aren't following me on Twitter, click here to get in the now. Every week on Anchor, I try to do a mini podcast based on a topic. On today's podcast, I spoke about what it takes and how to deal with jumping into the battlefield of your passion. 


Let's say for instance, that you have a really great idea that you have been sitting on for a while. You happen to scroll down your IG timeline, only to find that someone else has just released your great idea to their audience. 

Immediately you get a deep whole in your stomach and start to beat yourself up mentally..... I advise you to STOP! Do Not fall down the Rabbit Hole. Pull yourself together and keep on your path. You still need to release your product to your audience. Please understand, that you are uniquely YOU! Only you can attract who you attract. Stop trying to be the only one in your field. It's impossible. 

Whats possible is for you to be a key contender in the game. That's what important. Your sparkle is yours and yours alone. There is space, room and opportunity for you as well. 


See You On The BattleField!!!

xoxo LOVE

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Well it’s here again. The New Year is here and its time to celebrate. Isn’t it amazing how we all start the NEW YEAR with all of this vigor and then within month one, something takes us down. I know, I know, NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!!


My question is, Are you sure?



As I sit here and write this blog post, I am trying to fix my face because the last day of 2017 didn’t go at all as planned. The worst part of it, I can’t get over it. One of the things I said was that I would learn how to forgive more moving forward. So how on the first day of the year, can you forgive someone whose mistake you can’t understand?


Food for thought…..



I am a work in progress and so are you. So for 2018, I decided that I was not going to do a “What I Learned in 2017” blog post. It’s so cliche’. (even though I may actually do it again!! hehehehehe) I just want to work on my ismssss! You know all the things that tick your buttons. I think that the more we go through, the more we either put up walls and hold ourselves back or we push through and come out triumphant. 





I am choosing the later. In 2018 I want to accomplish ME! I want to not beat myself up for all the blog posts I didn’t write, all the videos I didn’t create, all the time I lost working my 9-5, and most importantly all the life I didn’t live nor taught my kids to do the same. 



In 2018 I want you to think about what you need in order to regain your inner Happy and Live On. No more standing on the sidelines while people portray a life for pictures. How do you actually live it and love it? I am not throwing stones. I have literally found myself on the sidelines as well looking through the glass like, "wow these girls are killing the game." I have done that several times. 


Let's make a Girl Pact right now and Kick 2018's Ass!!!

xoxo LOVE

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The Urge To Run

Hello Loves, 

It's been a minute. And, while I would like to say that my hiatus is all about summer fun in the sun, it tells a different story. 

Life in your 40's is way different than I ever thought it would be. When I tell you that it looks, feels, smells and is like no other. Wrangling my way with this thing I fell in love with called blogging and being a FT CEO. I find myself chasing my happy place on a daily basis. I am truly in love with the concept of #blackgirlhappy because I know that its not a common thing in our culture. I will say it when everyone else won't. 

So as I am writing this blog post, I have to say that all I want to do is run. I want to put one foot in front of the other and just keep walking. I want to walk into a new life, walk into the sun on a daily basis walk to my own drum beat. It's so hard to want that for yourself at this age because guess what? I have mortgage, tuition and 2 beautiful humans I am responsible for. 

Urges as a MF!!!! 


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The Outer Layer

The Outer Layer


A few days ago I sat across from a woman who looked very put together. I thought to myself, or rather I judged her from head to toe. Her makeup is flawless. Like blended very well and put in place. Her glasses were Gucci. Very cute investment. Her outfit was okay. It looked like she had gained a few pants because her designer pants were shaped weird but even still she was fly and put together.  Lastly, her shoes were typical girl cute (if you know what that means). 


But as I was friendly judging her like all of us do, I personally thought how I look from the outside in. I mean, yes I fell in love with blogging. But, for me it was on a deeper level. I love fashion and lifestyle but I didn’t want to be put in that category. I didn’t want to be another “Black Girl Blogger”. I wanted to create something deeper and bigger. I want to help women where they are to realize their Fearlessness, their fabulousness and their phenomenal. It takes a while for some of us to get there and we have to be okay with it. 


My ISH isnt’t together by a long shot. Yes I take pictures, I blog and I am an entrepreneur. But, I also still work a FT job, I am a mother and I am still not married. I have lots of stuff that I am working through. I made a major breakthrough in my life and the only way that you would know it, is if you really followed my timeline. I put on my game face and outfit on and toughed it out, but it was devastatingly hard. Just putting one foot in front of the other was on some days a freakin nightmare. 


Just know that you aren’t the only one. We all do it well. We all judge. We all hide our ISH and we all survive together in secret. 


Thanks for Reading!!! More to Come!!!


My Life Is Just Beginning

Hello Loves, 

Happy Saturday!!

I am literally writing this blog post as I'm sitting in a tech class listening to a Forbes top ten tech guru. All I can think about how I am so excited to be at this point in my life and starting to really live my dreams. I have a few personal things to handle on my plate (which we all do), but I have planted both of my feet firmly on the ground. 

It took me a minute to get comfortable with the fact that I am not to old to go out and share my best with in this digital space. And when I say a minute, I mean a little over a year. So if this is where you are right now, then be okay with that. Just don't stay in that space to long. 

Get with someone, flush out your idea, make sure that you have proper market product fit and launch. That nugget is for my Fabpreneurs. 

For my everyday Just Making Life happen females, show the world what it looks like to live. I think that we absolutely have to make sure that we are sharing our happy. There is so much going on that we need to filter what we have going on and going in. Flaunt your beginning with everyone, everywhere. 

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You versus The Calla Lily

Hello Loves, 

This blog post is dedicated to my second look from the VB x Target Collab. This is my second favorite piece in the collection. I shared my first one here. In general I love the Calla Lily. I love the look and how it adapts to the environment in whatever room its in. 

I wanted to share some of the most interesting things I learned about them after I brought this shirt. What I also want to point out, is that if you were to do a small comparison, how would you measure up. Let's see!!

Calla Lilys come in a unique form. (no new knowledge there but definitely something to think about) They come in a wide array of colors. They are easy to grow. They are versatile and play well in lots of settings. Lastly, they signify magnificence and beauty. 

Outfit Deets!!  Blouse: VB X Target | Pants: H&M |  Shoes: Aldo |



Being Okay With Shutting All The Way Down

Summer is vastly approaching. And while I am a little excited about the possibilities, I sometimes secretly wish that I could just be 14 again. Remember the days of jumping rope, cheering, the ice cream truck and most importantly seeing that boy you were in love with everyday. 


Oh the thrill of it all. 


Fast forward, 25 plus years, and what you have is a different story. I look at my two children and I hope that they want the same experiences out of summer (sans the boy and girl). 


This year however, I had to shut down for the last 3-4 weeks of life. I found myself slowly imploding and visibly exploding. I absolutely couldn’t keep it together anymore. I started to feel like it was never going to be my turn at anything in life. 


While I will not go into any great details, I was just completely overwhelmed with everything. Being a good mother, being single (really single), being a good employee, being me and most of all being a great entrepreneur. I think one of the things that allowed me to keep going was that I had good people around me. My friends who truly know me were trying to help me push through this storm and I was trying to do it for them. What they didn’t understand was that it was the thunderstorm that was leading to the tornado. 


Then one day as I was trying to get back into the swing of things with my blog and my business, I just shut down. Not like a temporary moment where you need a day off. I mean like when you are physically moving everyday but nothing else is happening. You aren’t producing any good thoughts. Your responses to most things are robotic (at best). And you put your best semi-smile on just to please other people to let them know you aren’t dying. You can’t consumer any food. You are barely breathing. 


The hardest part of this whole ordeal was finally figuring out that you can be okay with being in this space. You don’t have to tell everyone, explain yourself and just go through your process. The best thing I could do was walk away from all the noise and be still and quiet. I needed to scream, cry, pray and smile all on my own. It felt un normal. It felt like I was letting people down, but most importantly, it felt like I was breathing again. 

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What You Hear While Being Silent

Hello Loves, 

Today I wanted to blog about a lesson that a very wise woman told me years ago. She wasn't the most spiritual woman I knew, but she certainly had her way of getting her voice across. She had this quiet stillness about her that to this day I will always love her for. 

I used to look at her and think, if only she spoke up louder like me people would hear her. But it was something about her quiet stillness, her reservedness and her ability to say so much without saying a thing. 

There was this one day that she caught me at like 1:00am and pulled me up because I am pretty sure my behavior at that point was a little out there, and she said listen. "The only way that you can hear God and get answers is if you are quiet and still." 

I have to admit that for about two days, I didn't fully get it. I mean I was going to church every Sunday. If he wanted to speak to me he could. Then I realized that he couldn't because I wasn't open to hear him with all the noise going on around me and inside me. 

There is something about being able to sit still as you get older and getting clarity on what you are to do. You can't hear in the noise. The most important thing I learned is that you are absolutely not able to get through your mess without taking a substantial amount of time sitting still and definitely not stressing beyond your capabilities. 

It's a great habit to form and I hope that you do from reading this, this day forward!!! I wish I had learned this when I was in my 20's, I mean I will even take my 30's. I think I would have saved myself lots of heartache and time. 

Think about how you want more prosperity, more faith, love, happiness and fairy tale moments. I honestly dream about having at least one fairy tale moment soon. I think I need it more than I need air. It's almost like you have to have a little faith that it can happen for you too. I have my best friend to thank for at least keeping that image alive in the front of my brain. 

The Skill of Self Motivation

I have had to practice self motivation ever since I decided to really become a blogger and youtuber. 

Technique #4

Take a Walk in An Unlikely Neighborhood

Think about how many times you have walked thought about going to visit a neighborhood that just to see what it's like. One of the things that I want most in life is to have a small space in Downtown Bmore where I can be creative. I love living directly in the heart of the city. I walk around that area all of time. I want to know every inch of the area so that when my time comes and that townhouse is ready, I will already be acquainted. 

Technique #5

Plan Out An Ideal Day

I am very big on visualization. I mean seriously. Like there are days that a day plays out in my head like a movie and then I blink only to find that I can put a smile on my face all the time. Some of my days really do turn out to be just as I visualized it. When you plan your ideal days out, you move with less stress, accomplish more and enjoy life often. 

Technique #9

Reward Yourself Regularly

This is such a biggie. Regret is such a harsh word. It sticks to you like sap from a tree. Let go and trust that you earned the reward for reaching a small milestone. Its okay to allow yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Set parameters and adjust as the milestones get bigger (wider). 


Nine Secrets to Living a Meaningful Life


Clarify what matters to you. 

Make a list of what your top non-negotiables are. Keep it visible in your bedroom so you can see it every day. You must manifest these things into your life. 


Stay In The Moment

I find that this is the hardest thing for me. I am dying to become an entrepreneur 100% of my time. But I still work a full time job therefore, I have to make sure I stay in my creative mindset. 



Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say

Oh how I could just shout this saying from the rooftop. If you say you are going to stop doing certain things, than just do it. If you say that you are going to stop hanging with certain people, then just do it. If you say that you are going to start doing more things that are a little more productive, than you just DO IT!!!


Find Your Passion

I wrote the course on this. That's all I am going to say. If you want to know how to live and find your passion and you have $40, then purchase my course!! (available 2/1/17)


Worry Less About What Others Think 

This might be the truest statement in 2017. We get so involved in filters and how others will perceive us. How about Care Less!!


Instead of Complaining, Accept The Situation and Take Action

Actions trump words every time!!!




Accept Responsibility For Your Life

It is all your fault. Deal with it and make it right from today on. 


Refuse To Criticize

Hardest lesson in life. Don't criticize me because I blog using run on sentences like I don't hold several degrees and am brilliant. Refuse to even criticize yourself. 


Be The Change You Want To See

So Cliche', I know but so true. If you want to be Happy, Spread Happiness. If you want to be rich. Share your wealth!!! Simpler said than done. Just do it anyway. 

Okay, I am taking off my Sequin robe and picking up my glass of wine. 

Until Next Time!!!