Food Friday: Wicked Sisters in Baltimore

mussel pic.jpg

Hello Loves, 

Welcome back to another Food Friday post. This post is back here where I reside which is in Baltimore, Maryland. Me and my girls decided to venture out for lunch one day and because we all have specific food tastes and preferences, we choose Wicked Sisters in Hampden. 

Now let me tell you. I was supposed to visit Hampden, and take you guys along with me when I did Vlogmas this past christmas for 2017 for the Festival of Street Lights. I literally just never made it. But Hampden is a quaint little neighborhood/ community here in Baltimore. 

What We Loved


The Mussels 

mussels wicked sis.jpg



They came in a butter and garlic sauce with cheesy toast and plain potato chips. I mean!!! It was my first time trying them and I fell in love.  


The Meatballs

All you saw was cheese and boy oh boy it looked amazing. 


The Salmon BLT

Cooked to perfection and enough flavor to enjoy and save the rest for later. 


Cobb Salad with Chicken

I am a true Salad Lover, so if you can make a good one, I will love you for life. 


The Perfect Bacon Cheeseburger

True Story: It was so good and filling. I cut it in half. Walked to my car, placed it on the roof of my car to look for my keys and get in the car and then pulled off. Let me tell you how mad I was for that one!!


Fried Mushrooms with Buffalo Sauce

Everyone Loved!!!!


Until Next Time..

xoxo LOVE!!!