Food Friday: A Top Chef Meal

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The look of anxious kids when you said you were taking them to try a restaurant and it took an hour to get there!!!

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Let's Talk Vibes

Loves, the vibe in Family Meal was so open and welcome that is was unbelievable. I love the clean rustic look and that huge bar was just so inviting. Those big open windows made me want to immediately do a blog shoot. It was just so picturesque. The one thing that I thought immediately was how it would be cool if the table were removed and the chairs and benches went against the wall. You would have an immediate day party!!! I loved the entire look. (I am so sorry I didn't take more pics)

Okay Let's Talk Food

We tried the Deviled Eggs with Bacon Bits on top!!! OMGEEE they were really good. They were a little mustardy, but good none the less. I loved the whipped texture in them. (also, the first pic is blurry so I borrowed the second pic for clarity)

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The Appetizer

I ordered the Duck Fried Potatoes which in my head I thought would be fried potatoes. Instead, a large basket of French Fries fried in Duck Fat (a great taste by the way) appeared and everyone went for grabs. It wasn't meant to be an appetizer, but it satisfied everyones initial hunger pains. 

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Trying Something New

Priceless moments: When you parents tell you, you have to try something new. It's a requirement at every restaurant!!!! (Hint... It's on his plate and it looks mushy. He tried it and its homemade applesauce that he loved)


It's All About The Chicken

I mean there were so many options, but my stomach asked for Deep Fried Chicken with special spices. Both option were extremely filling. My only issue is that you would have to order extra sides because the chicken only comes with biscuits. The biscuits needed a little more something. But remember, I ordered the Duck Fat Potatoes in the beginning. Also, the spicy pickles that come with the beautiful big chicken bowl was definitely a restaurant specialty. The meal overall,  was very filling and we took half the chicken home.  


The Drinks

Isn't it a rule that you have to try the cocktails to fully understand a restaurant and its focus? So I sampled two drinks. One was a classic Amaretto Sour. My rule of thumb is that, if you can make this drink and blow my mind then you can make anything else. It is the smoothest lunch cocktail period. Out of a scale of 1-10, I give it a 5. There was a weird ingredient in there. It may have been too much cinnamon. I'm not sure but it threw everything off.  

The second drink was the Banana Butterscotch Adult Milkshake. I am not a fan of bananas, but I love butterscotch. That drink was amazing and rich. It definitely got a 10 in my cocktail book. It is made of Banana Cognac, Butterscotch Schnapps, Vanilla Ice Cream, Bruleed Bananas and Marshmallows. Need I say more. 


The Aftermath

Let's just say that we were all happy campers when we left Family Meal. 


Before you go, have a look at the video vlog for when we visited this Top Chef fav!!!

Until Next Time.......

xoxo LOVE!!!