Spring Into a New Fragrance


Hello Loves, 

Well Spring has arrived and with it is all the excitement across the land about the coming of the Sun. But here in the northeast, we got a little surprise. It came in the sign of 8 inches of snow here is Baltimore. 

Well, we chuck it up to being the beginning of unexpected adventure and prep to embrace the upcoming season with open arms. Spring brings about the aroma of different scents from all sources. Including, the earth, the environment, peoples homes (especially their kitchens), and most importantly the excitement from a new fragrance. 


So every year, I rack up on perfume from every Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack and any other discount store I can find. I never turn up my nose to a fragrance that I love. I don't care when the fragrance was created. I don't care that it came from a discount store. I care about how I feel when I wear it. 

Recently, I discovered Jimmy Choo Illicit. Now let me preference this by saying that I love the Jimmy Choo brand. One of my first pair of designer shoe purchases came from Jimmu Choo. I have big feet (size 11) and they make shoes that fit my feet without bleeding. Also, last christmas season Marshalls' brought out all of the Jimmy Choo fragrances. I was excited to try them, but I waited to late. I choose to get a Marc Jacobs and a Balenciaga fragrance instead. 


So fast forward a year later and here we are. I am so looking forward to exploring all of them over the next couple of months, especially since they are making their rounds in Marshalls. So let me introduce you to Jimmy Choo's Illicit

It was a great little surprise in a little bottle. It packs a lot of personality and I have worn it non stop over the last three weeks before writing this blog post. If you can find it in a Marshalls, then grab it or just click this link and grab it. 


So let's get into the notes. Rose and Jasmine Sambac, Honey and Amber, Sandlewood, Ginger and Bitter Orange. 

It was exclusively designed for the woman who is hypnotic, attractive, a risk taker, totally in control, seductive and most importantly living life to the fullest. 

Need I say more. Oh I will!!!!


So I have a 9 year old son. He is a typical boy. He interests lie in his digital space. But the other day he comes into my room and just lays on me and says, "Mom you smell amazing"!!! 

So that's it. This is my current favorite scent. I will wear it until it decides to hide in my Fragrance drawer and take refuge. I have won over my hardest critic. There are no more questions needed. Ladies, if you trust my instincts and you follow my vlogs, you know how I am about my fragrances. This one is stellar, even though it came out in 2015!! 

Until Next Time...

xoxo LOVE!


Fit Deets: Top: AmourChic | Booties: Zara | Jeans: Joes Jeans (Similar) |Sunnies: AmourChic |