Me and The Bestie Take Mexico


Hello Loves, 

You know how you take the grand adventure with your best friend and lose all of the footage? This blog post and travel vlog is a long time coming. I wouldn't want the year to really gain way without posting all the great content I had already taken and never shared with YOU.

My best friend and I took a 5 day weekend to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and boy what an experience it was. This is our story through images. 


We stayed at the Grand Fiesta Americana All Inclusive Adult Resort. Click here in order to check out how grand it really is. First I want to say that the resort was beautiful. It was six months old and up in the hills of Jalisco as if we were sitting up in Calabasas, Ca. It was predominantly white in every corner. The rooms were spacious. 

The view from the lobby was incredible and you could see it in its entirety here in the youtube video. You can also see the full video here on the bottom if you scroll all the way down. One of my favorite aspects of the lobby were these amazing chairs. 


The Cuisine


We started the trip off with of course no better beverage than Tequila. Being that this was an all inclusive resort, there was food and drinks available 24/7. We took every opportunity to enjoy the cuisine and really dive into it all. 

The only one complaint I would have it that there wasn't any good cappuccino's. I was literally on the struggle bus for five days. Of course I am not complaining, because I had Tequila. Here is our story through food images. 

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Soooo, funny story here as you will see in the video. When we fully checked into the hotel of course we beelined to the pool. We were there for about 30 minutes before we fell asleep poolisde and of course we burned a little. So we run back to the room to apply sunscreen (of course at this point its a bit late). When we opened the door, we had this little surprise in our room. Of course it was delivered to the wrong room but we indulged anyway. This is one of the funniest parts of the video because of course we were a little tipsy. 

FYI, we fell asleep because we had to get up at 5am to travel and didn't sleep a wink on the plane because we were excited!!

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

The Pool

The pools at the resort were incredible. There was a main pool and a chill pool outside of the beach. We had a cabana with one of our rooms and so it was great to have a chill spot. I mean what better way spend the day than to be served all day long with food and alcohol poolside. 


Normal Routines

Now no trip is complete without some of your normal daily routines being a part of it. Since I decided to be happy and healthy full blown in 2017, I make sure that I work out at least 3 days a week. Over the summer when I have more leisure time, I usually workout 5-6 days a week. So of course, I had to find the best trainer on the resort and workout with him. And trust me, my original thought was, this is a resort and we aren't going to get a good workout. BS, he worked our ass. I was exhausted when we were done. 

Secondly, I am a content creator. There is no better place to gain creativity than the beach with sunshine and the calm breeze. Of course, I had to do a little work while I was away. I mean what creator doesn't travel with several outfits?


Restaurant Review

We decided to venture off the reserve (ha!!) in order to try some local cuisine. Pepe's came at full recommendation. It was a choice that was well made. 

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FullSizeRender (15).jpg

A Day Out on A Boat

We had the gull to charter a boat with the rest of the girls on the trip. It was the stormiest day of the trip thus far, but we made the most of the day of course!!


The Beach

So of course you couldn't even fathom loving anything more about Mexico than the beach. Well if you don't know, Puerto Vallarta is not the traditional destination for those that want that vacation beach turquoise water. It is a bit rustic and down to earth and very local. I love that feel to it. It gives it a sense of homeliness. A sense of self. It gives the chance to rediscover yourself all over again. 



A Happy Ending!!


Well this concludes my Mexican Adventure for the moment. Every image in this post as well as most of my others are not edited. I like real and raw images. I always have. Yes, the Mexican sun cooked us. There is actually a precursor to this one which I have been deciding on whether I would share. It was such a personal moment, I am still deciding. Make sure to watch the video below to get the full experience. The only thing that was missing was the fashion show and that's because I couldn't find the footage. 

Until my Next Adventure!!

xoxo Love

The Video