The What- If Plan


Hello Loves, 

Welcome back to the blog. Todays blog post is dedicated to a major lifestyle choice that I find very near and dear to my heart. The digital space has definitely caused a ripple effect on our daily lives. You really have to choose between who is putting out content worth reading and ingesting and those that are fluff. 


We absolutely live in a world full of fluff, so it gets harder by the day. I remember being very reluctant to start blogging because I thought that I didn't have the looks or the brains to really get out there and make it happen. Even now its a constant struggle. I have completely fallen in love with vlogging. It allows me to show all the sides of me with no filter. 

I don't create content that facilitates a life that I don't live. I want people to see the process of what It takes to be a Black Woman really trying to make her dreams happen. 


The process of blogging has been a very challenging one. This year for 2018 I decided to create my what-if plan. It was important for me to define what this blog meant for me. It is my voice out here in the digital-verse giving you everything I have. 


I am using the opportunity to share with you my what-if plan and hopefully it will inspire you to create one yourself. 

So for 2018, my what-if plan was created behind me thinking, "What-if I put all of my resources into me and my brand and business goals?"

What-if instead of blogging and creating for 100% of other brands, I focus on product that I was selling? 

What-if I didn't buy designer sunglasses, handbags, clothing and shoes and I put that money into creating products that I really want to sell to the public?

What-if I focused my extra time from my FT job on creating digital products and teaching others how to do it? What-if I didn't spend as much time on  looking at what other people are doing?

What-if I only created content outside of my own for brands that I want to work with in the future?

What-if I didn't spend as much time and resources on going out and hanging with friends and vacationing, and spent that time creating unimaginable content? 


This is the beginning of my What-If plan but right now in February 2018, this is what I am going with for the rest of the year. It's almost 365 days but who cares. I am completely focused on making Life Happen for Me!!

Think about you and your wants. What is it that you need to make happen? What would happen if you had complete focus for the next 365 days. What mountains can you move out of your way to see the finish line? In a world so busy and sooo distracting, you have to put blinders on and move on what you want. 


Try it. Comment below and let me know what your What-If plans are!! I can't wait!

Fit Deets : Dress: AmourChic | Boots: Asos | Jacket: HM | Hat: Beanie: River Island |

xoxo LOVE