My Top Products for 2017


Hello Loves, 

It's officially 2018 and I have jumped into it with both my hands and my feet. I have been seriously on my grind. I have been shooting blog posts, daily vlogging, filming for my lifestyle channel (soon to launch), planning lots and lots of content and putting the final pieces to launch my online magazine for 

All the pieces of my puzzle are finally coming together and I am sooo over the moon!!! Can't wait to take you on the ride with me. It's going to be an adventure. 

I wanted to make my first Lifestyle Blog Post about a list of products I completely fell in love with in 2017 and plan to take into 2018. I will provide links to everything I can. 

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Product #1

I completely fell in love with Product #1 in trying to find a new face cream. As I have hit my 40's, my skin goes through several changes per season. I started using this product in the summer but quickly realized that my skin likes it better in the fall and winter. My skin is in constant need of hydration lately, partly due to the heat in my home, so I am focused really heavy on that. One of my recent additions to my skincare, is the Olay Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate. I put this on under one of my daily moisterizer and my skin loves it instantly. 

Click here to learn more about this line of products. 

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Product #2

One of the most important things in your life will be your home. After a hard days work (because I am a working entrepreneur), I come home daily and light the candles in my home. If you follow my daily vlogs, then you know that I am getting ready to redo my home. I am excited and scared at the same time. Candles give me piece of mind and they make my home smell amazing all the time. I always get one of two compliments when someone comes into my home. 1- My house smells like good food. 2- My house smells amazing. 

These candles were my December find. ( I put them in my Holiday Candles 2017 Video) They are sold out, but they were my absolute favorite from Bath & Body Works. Keep an eye out for these, they are amazing. 

Best products 17 pic 3.jpg

Product #3

This is my favorite body scrub again from Bath & Body Works. I promise, this is not an ad. There are only two things I buy from there, candles and body scrub. I feel like you get more bang for your buck with their scrubs. Warm Vanilla Sugar. You should exfoliate at least once a week. 

Click Here to see the new formula.

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Product #4

This Revlon Matte Lip Gloss is one of my everyday favorites. It goes on light enough for day and just a little subtle lip color for night. I think that girls are over doing it with this daily makeup trend happening. So much so, that when they take it off, they look discolored and ghostly. I don't like to wear strong makeup during the day unless I am shooting. This Revlon Matte Ultra is my everyday goto.  

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Product #5

This year, I decided to really have a go at it with my cooking on my lifestyle youtube channel. I picked up this cookbook over the holidays and when I say I was hooked from first glance, that's what I mean. The recipes are endless. The ideas that come from it are endless. I have never been more excited about baking in my life. I honestly cannot wait to share with you guys over on the channel. 

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Product #6

Ladies, when I say this book is powerful, it is powerful. When I read the first story I was like oh this is a book of old stories, but as I got a chance to dive deeper in it, I realized that its okay for life to happen. It is happening to everyone around us and we have to embrace it and get centered in our Faith. It's that simple. This book is an absolute must read. 

The second product is my NARS Lip pencil. Let me say this, for my 5-minute or 10-minute makeup routine, this is my favorite red all over pencil. 

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Product #7

What can I say about this fragrance? It is pure heaven in a bottle. It smells amazing. I have worn it everyday for 3 straight weeks. People ask my daily what I am wearing. Yves Saint Laurent, you have done it again with a fragrance. 

Best products 17 pic 8.jpg

Product #8

My last and final product for this post is a product I was a little skeptical about until I tried it. I will say that without a shadow of a doubt, I am not one to jump on a celebrity distributing a new line of products, especially makeup. However, if you haven't figured it out, I am a sucker for a red lip. So I tried and fell in love with this product almost immediately. 

The one thing that still gets me is that it goes on a little toooo wet for me, otherwise I love how long it last. 

Click Here to check it out for yourself. 

I will be putting a video with my full list of products over on my lifestyle channel this week. Stay tuned for a link. 

xoxo LOVE