The Anxiety of Influence

It’s 2017!! We are all well aware of that single fact. But the bigger question is, what does it mean to be you in 2017? 


I once was asked, “If you left this world today, what legacy would you leave?”


The one question has stuck to me for the last 10 years. 


What would I want to leave? What will be my legacy?


If you follow me on IG (which you should) you will know that I am laser focused on encouraging and pushing you to start and live life on your own terms. To much emphasis is placed on how it looks, how it will turn out, its too late, etc etc etc…

After almost being pushed off a complete ledge, I was you. I am a 42 year old Lifestyle, Business and Fashion Blogger. I started at 41. It can’t get any later than that. I have two children, a home a FT job (insert 365 day countdown) and a mortgage. What I don’t have is disposable income to spend on all the things I want to blog about in life. 


I have been a business owner since I was 24. In order for me to bring myself and my business into the digital age, I had to put all of me out there. 


I put my big girl pants on. I went to the Gym. And, I turned on my camera. In that order. 


I want you to do the same thing (in your own order of course) with your life. If there is something that you want to do in this lifetime that is more than what you are currently living and offering. Do it now. There is someone (more than a few) out there who is waiting for you to influence them. I promise. 


I am a Baltimore Blogger, a Black Baltimore Blogger. I get all kinds of weird stares when I am shooting. It’s not a norm here. So when you see me stopping traffic in the middle of the street to get that perfect shot, wave, blow me a kiss and say Hello. I am completely comfortable with it now. It took a long time, but I am here. And so are you!!!


You don’t have to do anything for the purpose of influence if you don’t want. But influence comes with the social territory. Someone will see the content you put out there. They will click on the link, screenshot for browsing later, send the link to a friend. It’s really just that common. 


A quote changes people perception for the day!


An image reminds people of what they can accomplish. 


A video reminds people to enjoy life. 


The bottom line is, it’s all on you to put it out there and leave your legacy. 

Outfit Deets...

Duster : H&M | Shirt Dress: Rag & Bone | Booties: Steve Madden