Be The First Domino

Hey Girl Hey, 

I am soooooo happy about writing this post and sharing a great experience with you guys. Over the past few days I went across the country to hang out with my BFF’s, hung out with old classmates from high school for our 25th reunion and did a little business along the way. 

Wow, what a week is my overall feeling!!

One of the biggest components of the trip for me was our stay the beautiful Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. OMGEEE! Talk about being a first. 


There are several things I usually take into consideration whenever I venture to Las Vegas. I always want to maximize my dollars. Vegas is one of those places where you can find ay and everything you can envision and imagine. And then, Vegas is one of those places where in a week you can spend $1000 on food without even thinking. 


But this trip was different. I had to put on my big girls pants and drop some coin on our stay, and boy was it worth it. 


I am a creative. I am an innovator. I like to be the first in line to bring into your reality. That was one of the main purposes for me starting my Online Retail Brand AmourChic. It was created to be a fashion companion to your Lifestyle. 


In order for me to do this, I need to be in a creative space. Most importantly in an open environment. On this trip, I got exactly what I asked for. Every turn was thoughtfully planned out and decorated. The color schemes told a different story in every section. The restaurants were as individualistic yet appeasing to every hunger craving imaginative. 

I absolutely found myself in Heaven. In getting lost, trying to find the Fitness Emporium, I discovered the pool area. At a quick glance it just looks like a seemingly medium backyard oasiswith a pool, jacuzzi and a lounge area. But, when you step outside and walk into the space, it is as if someone saw the need to bring a little Miami to Las Vegas. 


At this point, my creative persona went into complete overload. How can I bring it better? How can I be the first to do it? How can I be the first domino in the process? How? How? How? My mind was everywhere. I had to sit and record memos in my phone. I took video on my camera. I took pictures of any and everything. 

This was actually a piece on my vision board that came to life. 

Girls, Ladies, Gentleman & everyone who may read this post. 

Be the first Domino in your world. Do it today. Don’t wait for the perfect or even agreeable setting.