The 16 Things I Learned in 2016

what i learned in 2016

As I stand here and reflect on how my 2016 really went. There literally was a lot of crying, a lot of laughing, a little bit of heart break and a ton of cooking. There was also loads of learning, teaching and just embracing where my life is taking me. 

As a woman, when you enter into your 40's you start to get really nervous. Nervous because you thought that your life would go in a certain direction. You thought that you would be a little more financially stable. You were going to be married to the love of your life and be blissfully happy. You may have even thought that you would be living in another country. 

And while for some, these things happened, it didn't happen for most of us. But guess what? It's okay. I'm okay with it and you should be as well. Your path is different. My path is different. And I refuse to give up my cinderella moment fearing that it may never happen to me. 

I decided that on December 31, 2016. 

So today I am opening the gates and sharing my really personal thoughts and battles of 2016. I didn't accomplish any more than 30% of what I really wanted to do, but I also didn't expect to launch a youtube channel. That was a complete surprise. But I am in love and I can't wait to see where it takes me. 

what I learned in 2016

One: I learned about Vlogmas. (Christmas is my favorite time of year and for 2017, I plan to be ready)

Two: I learned how to really get photographed for my blog .

Three: I learned a great deal about photoshop. Not sure why I kept straying away from it, but I am here willing and ready. 

what i learned in 2016

Four: I learned to be okay with sharing my life with everyone on my blog and my youtube channel. 

Five: I learned how to really be a blogger, how to build out my content and to not be overwhelmed because people think that this isn't a job.

Six: I learned how to laugh at myself harder and be okay that I am just uniquely loud. 

what i learned in 2016

Seven: I learned how it is super okay to be a work-a-holic.

Eight: I learned how to be a better mother. (This may seem cray, but it is nothing like feeling like you are a bad mother for not managing it all so perfect.)

Nine: I learned how to really be happy. (And that it is contagious.)

what I learned in 2016

Ten: I learned how Moscato is the SPAM of wine. (I didn't know that I would eat SPAM, but I guess I will)

Eleven: I learned I love to Vlog. 

Twelve: I learned a little bit more about my style. 

what i learned in 2016

Thirteen: I learned how to just love people for who they are.

Fourteen: I learned that it really will take a little bit longer. 

Fifteen: I learned how to love harder. 

Sixteen: I learned that if you wait long enough you can find it on sale.

what i learned in 2016

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