The B in my Baggage!!!

Hello There Loves, 

December is upon us and may I say that it is my favorite month of the year. I am not sure if they can put my face next to the definition of Christmas in the dictionary, but I am sure it belong there. I mean I buy gifts for everyone. I over decorate (even though this year I am not). I over do everything just a little.

This year for the first time, I put up a gift guide for men. One that I can consider very baseline because I wanted to give men a look inside the psyche of a woman who likes to receive gifts. If you haven't viewed it, check it out here

So for the month of December, I choose a new refreshing, strong and vibrant scent, B Balenciaga. The premise behind the scent is based off of a woman who unveils her most essential self. The more she reveals, the more intriguing she becomes. 

What better description and better fitting scent to end the year besides this. The scent is powerful and speaks volume without words. It is absolutely one of my most favorite scents. I will keep this in my daily/weekly must haves for the next few years. 

As irony would have it, the wind was crazy when we shot this look. I paired this December scent with a tee shirt dress that spoke volumes within itself as well. But as I unveiled my inner strength to get through this cold windy day, it was a great companion. 

As an ending note, my manicure did not hold up in the weather as I tried to do it 45 minutes before the shoot. 


Dress/ Saks Off Fifth~ Parfume/  B Balenciaga ~ Bag/Aldo ~ Shoes/ Shop Fashion Junkie


Be Blessed Loves!!
xoxo Love