Denim + Sequin

Hey Loves, 

If you are anything like me, I know that you love anything that sparkles. And since, I don't have the most important sparkliest thing of them all just yet, I am going to have to shine anyway I can. I happened upon this sequin skirt in late 2016 at @Target. It was part of the #whowhatwear  Fall 2016 collection. It has since been one of my favorite pieces of all time. I can't get enough of wearing it and would probably wear it to sleep if I could. When you find something that is made good enough for the keeping and it blings enough for the seeing, I say Ding Ding Ding. 

"We Have A Winner!!"

My Outfit | Jacket: Old Navy | Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Target | Clutch: BCBG | Sneaks: Aldo |

xoxo Love

VB X Target x Me

Hey Loves, 

I absolutely know how late I am to the Rodeo that is the #vbxtarget collab. I let life win a round and took a break and then I shot the pieces in no particular order. So what started out as a great style video and a series of blog posts, ended instead in a series of regular blog posts. So much so, I can't even tell you which one this is. 

What I can tell you is that this is my favorite classic white shirt period. I was one of the women who was the first inline with this collab dropped and like most, I had my looks photographed and in my notes so I knew exactly what I was looking for. 

I am 6'feet tall so I have arm issues. Meaning, it is always hard for me to find long sleeve tops that give me my desired sleeve length. So hands up and hats off to the fabulous Victoria Beckham for this piece and all the others I plan to share with you. 

The One Dress You Never Wear

Good Morning Loves, 

You know how you purchase an item that you aren't so sure that you are gonna wear? Like you walk around the store with it in your hands, hold it up to see if you like it 20 times while you there and still end up some kind of way at the register, handing over your money to purchase. 

That is literally what happened to me when I purchase this dress. A year later (no judgment) I decided to put it on, post fitness streak. 

In the last year, I have really taken over my life and focused on being healthier. So when I purchased this dress, it was pre work our phase and obviously I was heavier. This sent mixed signals when I pulled it out of the back of my closet and decided to wear it. 

So what's a girl, IE Blogger,  to do when you have a questionable piece? You add leopard, camouflage or metal details. I choose to do two of my go to style rules. 

XOXO Love!!!

Monday Blues


Hello Loves, 

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter holidays with your loved ones. I know I did and took a quick hiatus for and . I just needed a little weekend relaxation and time to unwind and enjoy the sun with my family. 

Life has thrown me a few curve balls over the last few weeks and I am staying focused on building my business and moving forward. In the midst of these curve balls I was driving to clear my head and came across this little quaint street. It reminded me of being in the south with my aunt and sitting on her front porch drinking lemonade and watching the cars going by with the radio playing in the background. 

The first thought that came to mind was casual days in denim. It was the perfect backdrop for this look. 

I also decided to try something new with this short hair of mine. I tried a hat. It's been a while since I styled a hat. I will generally wear my beloved Brooklyn hat while running errands but I can safely say that I am not a hat person. I do think I did an okay job with this look. 

I have also fallen in love with Levi's again. When I was in my 20's I wore Levi's all the time because they were the only jeans that came in tall. But now, I feel like they have amped up their denim. These two tone jeans are my absolute favorite new buy. 

Hope you liked the look. Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear what you think. Oh and no I do not have polish on my toes. Right before I go into the full spring/summer season I like to let my toe nails breathe for a few weeks. I was told that you have to let natural air hit your nails sometimes so they don't turn yellow. I mean we just came out of the winter season so I have been wearing lots of darker colors. 

Shopping links coming soon!!

Camo X Metallic

Hello Loves

The other day I was in H& M with my 15 year old looking for an outfit for her to wear for an upcoming event she was ecstatic over. As per usual, my eyes could not focus because there was so much going on around me. I mean the idea of disposable fashion is great, especially on my wallet. 

However, with age, comes wisdom. And as a Fashionista, there will always be investment pieces for me because I love it and because it is my business. I have also learned how to care for the "disposable" wear as the years have gone by. 

Moving forward: So as my eyes wandered, they fell onto a pair of silver metallic pants.  I mean, how perfect. I have never owned a pair of metallic pants. I thought about getting some gold ones once before, but I was super self conscious because of my height and my build. I just downright thought they would look ghetto. 

But this pair was almost in my size (they were a 14 and I am a 12 now "pat on the back"). And there was only one pair. Sitting there just waiting on little ole me. So I mean, fate is fate right!!

I paired them with my new favorite camouflage denim Levis jacket and a statement tee shirt. I also pulled out my oldie but goodie pumps from Vince Camuto. I topped it off with my newest clutch from BCBG and the long fringes gave me complete life.


Walking The Concrete Runway

So much of who we are is filtered through our daily style. When we are feeling girly, we tend to wear florals, color something that makes us feel pretty. 


When we are feeling sexy, we will cut a hemline or lower our neckline. 


When we are feeling rebellious, we tend to amp it up a little with tough luxe accessories or leather. 


And, when we feeling everyday-ish, we tend to wear luxe sweats, statement tee’s and oversized sweaters. 


Whatever the mood, we absolutely walk the concrete runway better known as the “Streets”. 


xoxo LOVE!!!

Leopard x Lace

I have always studied fashion trends via runway and Streetstyle. It took about five years, but I am absolutely in love with Streetstyle. So much so, I have become a Streetstyle blogger and Youtuber. I found myself through Parisian Fashion and I am slowly evolving. Lace has become my new Black. Just wait and see!!

Winter Essentials LookBook 2017

Hello Loves, 

Every season there are these essentials that Fashion Editors around the world say that you need. So I have decided to jump on the bus as well and out my 40 cents in. The whole purpose of essentials are to be build-able components. They are definitely not for the purpose of starting from scratch every season. 

These essentials stemmed from a winter coats lookbook I shot for my youtube channel. 

Winter Essential One

An effortless pair of over the knee boots. Women of all ages love this essential. The only thing that changes is the shoe last. A second essential in this look is the coat with leather details. I mean who wants a boring classic black coat. 

Winter Essential Two

A pair of fingerless gloves. I choose faux leather gloves for my essential. The other essential in this look is a oversized pink coat with cropped sleeves. 

Winter Essential Three

An embellished turtleneck. Now every woman knows that she should have a classic black turtleneck in her wardrobe at all times. This season because of the important impact of accessories, turtlenecks had sort of a comeback. 

Winter Essential Four

An everyday leopard vest to layer on top of your leather jacket. Layering is so important this year and what better way to look even more chic than to layer your everyday leather jacket with your everyday leopard vest.