3 Jewelry Trends to Try Now


Hello Loves,

Well March is finally here and I wanted to kick off the month with a Jewelry post. I have a deep fondness for anything fashion, and this year has been a learning curve for me especially with the vlogging and blogging. What has been the most surprising for me is that I fallen head over heels in love with Jewelry. 

Now I have a few good custom pieces that I always collect to wear daily, but then I really started selling and adding a great collection to my online business. 

Today, this post is dedicated to three trends that are important as Spring 2018 comes around.

Trend Alert One

The Chunky Elegant Piece with Casual Wear


You know that big bling piece that you pull out once a year during the Holiday and New Years that otherwise would get no real visual real estate. Yeah, that one. Well now you need to pull that baby out for constant rotation for your casual days. This trend has become one of my favorite and I promise it will have staying power. 

We live for the weekends and for being comfortable no matter what the situation is. Casual has even made a big impact on how we dress for the office/work. So, think about adding that extra bit of surprise to your outfit with that over the top piece of jewelry that never gets its fair share. 

It doesn't matter if the look is jogger and sweats with a leather jacket, an over the shoulder top or if you are rocking your favorite sweater with leggings. What matters is that style surprise. 


Trend Alert Two

High Tier Chunky mixed with Low Tier Chunky


The second trend alert is layering a high tier chunky  with a low tier chunky necklace. I love the idea of layering two really chunky pieces. The initial way to do layering is to build as you layer to create volume at the bottom. 

This trend is do a build able look without creating an overwhelming look that will end in a ridiculous result. There are very few people who could pull off that Iris Apfel effect without looking like a clown. For this look, I took a budget friendly piece and blended it with one of my favorite costume pieces. 


Trend Alert Three

Oversized StreetStyle Vibe


What fashion item is a girls' best friend? A statement tee shirt you guessed! I paired my favorite royal-ish necklace with my favorite $25 statement tee shirt to put together a full street style look. You can google street style looks and you will get a vast array of images but they all encompass the same basics. 

Those basics are a print, a great foot, a statement top and one over the top component. For this look, the component is the jewelry. I have never been a silver lover but I have developed a unique love for some great silver pieces.


Until Next Time

xoxo Love

Outfit Details for This Post

Look 1

Jacket > Nordstrom Rack | Sweat Shirt >Similar  Old Navy | Skirt > Similar:  Kohls | Boots > Asos |

Look 2

Bomber Jacket > AmourChic | Leather Sweater: Similar | Sunnies > Quay | Black Jeans > AmourChic | Booties> Similar: Steve Madden | 

Look 3

Blazer > AmourChic | Statement Tee > AmourChic | Camo Skirt > AmourChic | Boots > Asos |