Summer Living: Fourth of July Style

Hello Loves, 

As summer is officially in full swing we are celebrating once again. It's the fourth of July which means BBQ, friends, fireworks and fun. Summer is a time where all of our worlds collide for the common good. We all want to relax, have fun, enjoy life and just feel happiness all around us. 

Outside of Christmas, it is literally the happiest time of the year. You need refresh, enjoy each other and just breathe and live. I have a few projects on my plate for this season, but for the most part, I will enjoy the freedom that summer brings. This year, I decided to include my fun twist on things with a few different looks. 

Today celebrate festively with drinks, food, fireworks and friends and family. The fourth has its was of bringing out the best in all of us. As always, celebrate it in style. 

Happy Celebrating!!!
Until Next Time.....

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xoxo Love