Lace x Painted Denim

Hello Loves, 

One day, I outgrew my favorite tall jeans. Let me tell you how it was the hardest thing in the world to let go of them. As a women who is 6 feet tall, it used to be really tall to find tall jeans. Now, it seems it doesn't matter. Jean styles vary so much that it may almost be a little inappropriate to even wear long jeans. 

Anyway, I have really been in the mood to get my body back in check (on my own terms). So, I have been working out for the last few months and the slow changes in my body have actually started to add up. (There will be a blog post about that later)

I literally outgrew my jeans. So my first thought was to paint them and make them unique. But guess what? I got smaller and smaller and just outgrew them. So my last resort was just to cut them into shorts. 

Can I tell you how these are my favorite shorts so far. I wear them at least once a week which is why I had to give them their good space on the blog. 

Until Next Time....

xoxo Love