Monday Blues


Hello Loves, 

I hope all of you enjoyed your Easter holidays with your loved ones. I know I did and took a quick hiatus for and . I just needed a little weekend relaxation and time to unwind and enjoy the sun with my family. 

Life has thrown me a few curve balls over the last few weeks and I am staying focused on building my business and moving forward. In the midst of these curve balls I was driving to clear my head and came across this little quaint street. It reminded me of being in the south with my aunt and sitting on her front porch drinking lemonade and watching the cars going by with the radio playing in the background. 

The first thought that came to mind was casual days in denim. It was the perfect backdrop for this look. 

I also decided to try something new with this short hair of mine. I tried a hat. It's been a while since I styled a hat. I will generally wear my beloved Brooklyn hat while running errands but I can safely say that I am not a hat person. I do think I did an okay job with this look. 

I have also fallen in love with Levi's again. When I was in my 20's I wore Levi's all the time because they were the only jeans that came in tall. But now, I feel like they have amped up their denim. These two tone jeans are my absolute favorite new buy. 

Hope you liked the look. Leave me a comment below. I would love to hear what you think. Oh and no I do not have polish on my toes. Right before I go into the full spring/summer season I like to let my toe nails breathe for a few weeks. I was told that you have to let natural air hit your nails sometimes so they don't turn yellow. I mean we just came out of the winter season so I have been wearing lots of darker colors. 

Shopping links coming soon!!