Camo X Metallic

Hello Loves

The other day I was in H& M with my 15 year old looking for an outfit for her to wear for an upcoming event she was ecstatic over. As per usual, my eyes could not focus because there was so much going on around me. I mean the idea of disposable fashion is great, especially on my wallet. 

However, with age, comes wisdom. And as a Fashionista, there will always be investment pieces for me because I love it and because it is my business. I have also learned how to care for the "disposable" wear as the years have gone by. 

Moving forward: So as my eyes wandered, they fell onto a pair of silver metallic pants.  I mean, how perfect. I have never owned a pair of metallic pants. I thought about getting some gold ones once before, but I was super self conscious because of my height and my build. I just downright thought they would look ghetto. 

But this pair was almost in my size (they were a 14 and I am a 12 now "pat on the back"). And there was only one pair. Sitting there just waiting on little ole me. So I mean, fate is fate right!!

I paired them with my new favorite camouflage denim Levis jacket and a statement tee shirt. I also pulled out my oldie but goodie pumps from Vince Camuto. I topped it off with my newest clutch from BCBG and the long fringes gave me complete life.