My 2019 Style Mood


Hey Loves,

Welcome back to the Blog!


Its near the end of February and I have already made a major move in my life. I literally got rid of my house and moved into a very small basement apartment space with my two lovies. So this downsizing brought on two major moves for me.

Number One:

I wanted to travel with my kids around the world as much as we could for one year, with money that I would save for a year. It was important for me to show them their options by visiting other cultures before they made decisions about how to start their lives.

Number Two:

I need to figure out what I really want to do with the rest of my life. Period.


So I thought I would first start with taking some more fun fashion chances. I mean when in doubt, have fun with your clothing.


This outfit was so fun to shoot. It was of course shot on a crisp January day. These are hands down my favorite denim from American Eagle.

Side Note: (I am 6 feet tall so most jeans are short)


I have definitely gotten used to wearing shorter jeans with heels. But more importantly, i decided to pull out a pair of my fav sandals and rock with my Barney’s Socks (that I found buried into my closet). Everything I’m wearing is from my closet. My tee shirt however, is available.



Jacket : H & M | Tee Shirt: Amourchic | Denim : American Eagle | Socks : Barney’s | Sandals: Vince Camuto | Sunnies: Prada |

So the moral of this blog is to dig into your closet and have as much fun with what’s in it. Stop adding pieces until you style up your current favs. It will absolutely help curve the mood of anything else you are going through in your life.

Until next time…..

xoxo LOVE!!!

Neutral Elements


Hello Loves, 

Spring is finally in full effect and no one is happier than all of us bloggers. It gives us a chance to really get out there and get extremely creative. One trend that remains a constant is the neutral elements that we have in our wardrobes. 

For this blog post, I wanted to introduce my favorite pieces. 

Item #1

The Neutral Trench

The lightweight fabric made this all the more perfect. I purchased this a few months ago from Forever 21. And even though it is totally a teen, tween and junior retailer, I find some disposable items that are absolutely worth having. This coat will go with everything. 

Item #2

My Belt (bum)Bag

We carry this bag in our online store and I am completely in love with it. It is classy and well made for such a great price. 


xo LOVE!!!

4 Rules To Give Black a Fresh Start


Hello Loves, 

We have all heard that "Black is the new Black." 

Well I am not sure that THAT statement will ever be a false one. If for nothing else. when Black hit the fashion scene and became an everyday fashion staple since the 90's, it is here to continue to conquer the limelight. 

Black is an essential. It is the cornerstone of any closet. Building classic black pieces is always gonna be a WIN!

Rule #1

Play with Textures.


Rule #2

Add a Hint of White.


Rule #3

Use Jewelry to Build Layers


Rule #4

Wear a Classic Red Lip


Until Next Time

xoxo LOVE


3 Jewelry Trends to Try Now


Hello Loves,

Well March is finally here and I wanted to kick off the month with a Jewelry post. I have a deep fondness for anything fashion, and this year has been a learning curve for me especially with the vlogging and blogging. What has been the most surprising for me is that I fallen head over heels in love with Jewelry. 

Now I have a few good custom pieces that I always collect to wear daily, but then I really started selling and adding a great collection to my online business. 

Today, this post is dedicated to three trends that are important as Spring 2018 comes around.

Trend Alert One

The Chunky Elegant Piece with Casual Wear


You know that big bling piece that you pull out once a year during the Holiday and New Years that otherwise would get no real visual real estate. Yeah, that one. Well now you need to pull that baby out for constant rotation for your casual days. This trend has become one of my favorite and I promise it will have staying power. 

We live for the weekends and for being comfortable no matter what the situation is. Casual has even made a big impact on how we dress for the office/work. So, think about adding that extra bit of surprise to your outfit with that over the top piece of jewelry that never gets its fair share. 

It doesn't matter if the look is jogger and sweats with a leather jacket, an over the shoulder top or if you are rocking your favorite sweater with leggings. What matters is that style surprise. 


Trend Alert Two

High Tier Chunky mixed with Low Tier Chunky


The second trend alert is layering a high tier chunky  with a low tier chunky necklace. I love the idea of layering two really chunky pieces. The initial way to do layering is to build as you layer to create volume at the bottom. 

This trend is do a build able look without creating an overwhelming look that will end in a ridiculous result. There are very few people who could pull off that Iris Apfel effect without looking like a clown. For this look, I took a budget friendly piece and blended it with one of my favorite costume pieces. 


Trend Alert Three

Oversized StreetStyle Vibe


What fashion item is a girls' best friend? A statement tee shirt you guessed! I paired my favorite royal-ish necklace with my favorite $25 statement tee shirt to put together a full street style look. You can google street style looks and you will get a vast array of images but they all encompass the same basics. 

Those basics are a print, a great foot, a statement top and one over the top component. For this look, the component is the jewelry. I have never been a silver lover but I have developed a unique love for some great silver pieces.


Until Next Time

xoxo Love

Outfit Details for This Post

Look 1

Jacket > Nordstrom Rack | Sweat Shirt >Similar  Old Navy | Skirt > Similar:  Kohls | Boots > Asos |

Look 2

Bomber Jacket > AmourChic | Leather Sweater: Similar | Sunnies > Quay | Black Jeans > AmourChic | Booties> Similar: Steve Madden | 

Look 3

Blazer > AmourChic | Statement Tee > AmourChic | Camo Skirt > AmourChic | Boots > Asos |

A Neutral Situation


Hello Loves, 

How many of you are totally in love with the Pom Pom hats and any Neutral moments you can absolutely indulge in. I can safely say on this platform (of course which I control) I haven't had a lot of neutral moments. I love a great pink anything which is my favorite color. 


For this look, I paired my favorite Pink Coat (H & M last year), a blush tone top (from Amour Chic), my favorite Gucci Belt of course and a pair of Levis. The last piece I choose for this look was my BCBG Pom Pom hat. I mean the lace detail in the front is to die for!! 




My fashion rule of thumb is always going to be, "Let the WOW piece stand out." You don't have to overpower your look with conflicting pieces. 


Until Next Time!!!
xoxo LOVE

A Striped Dress x Asos OTK Boots


Hello Loves,

I can't tell you how proud I am of myself in being able to fit into one of my absolute favorite dresses. I opened my first love "Love & Co. " a brick and mortar store in 2000. This striped dress was on of the first orders from MAGIC that I placed. Here we are some 17 years later, I can slide right into it (a little snug but worth it). It has not gone out of style. 

I paired this dress with my favorite ATM (at the moment) item, my OTK boots from ASOS. Now let me say that I am very leary of the OTK. It has fit issues, stay up the leg issues and most importantly fabric/ quality issues. But I have fallen in love with these babies from ASOS. I have put my stamp of approval on these if you are in the market for a pair of OTK boots. Now I am a true size 11 and so I ordered a UK 10 because they are pointy toed and I wanted the extra room. 


This dress put me in the mindset of my buying habits and the pieces I want to carry for my online store . I really put my heart and soul into my business and getting back to my roots is #1 on my list. I paired it with an oversized distressed denim jacket from Forever 21 and one of our staple clutches at . All jewelry costs $5 and is available on  www, or you can comment below for inventory. 

Purchase your boots here!!!

Until Next Time!!!!!

xoxo LOVE

Summer Living: Fourth of July Style

Hello Loves, 

As summer is officially in full swing we are celebrating once again. It's the fourth of July which means BBQ, friends, fireworks and fun. Summer is a time where all of our worlds collide for the common good. We all want to relax, have fun, enjoy life and just feel happiness all around us. 

Outside of Christmas, it is literally the happiest time of the year. You need refresh, enjoy each other and just breathe and live. I have a few projects on my plate for this season, but for the most part, I will enjoy the freedom that summer brings. This year, I decided to include my fun twist on things with a few different looks. 

Today celebrate festively with drinks, food, fireworks and friends and family. The fourth has its was of bringing out the best in all of us. As always, celebrate it in style. 

Happy Celebrating!!!
Until Next Time.....

Fit Deets: | 

xoxo Love

My Must Have Vacation Item

Hello Loves,

Heads Up.... This blog is photo heavy!!!

On the blog today I wanted to share with you my must have fashion item for vacationing. My general rule of thumb is that there is a body of water wherever I go. I think better near water and I act better (inside joke). 

In another life I am a mermaid. 

Every year I have a few items that I renew or just pull out for general travel purposes. One of which is an off the shoulder top that can be worn as a bathing suit cover up, or a top to go with everything. I flip flop between white or black in most cases and this time I took the black. What was really great was the price. 

Now what kind of blogger/ lifestyle coach would I be if I didn't share great things with you. I want you to have everything you need in life to live your best life now. That is always my mission!!

You need this piece in your life!!!

Until Next Time....

Fit Details:

Top: Tobi Apparel | Bottoms: Ted Baker | Hat: Marshalls | 

XOXO Love!!!

My Fashion Split Personality

Hello Loves, 

This blog post is dedicated to a problem that I have that I know lots of women deal with. How many of you can safely say that you have come face to face with your fashion split personality?

It's okay if you haven't. Today on the blog I am giving you a sneak peak into mine. Well I actually have two split personality issues. Number one, I like to mix really cheap with semi luxe. I can't even consider typing the words high end because I haven't shopped high end in a long time. Welcome to life over 40 when you have children, tuition, dreams of a florida vacation home and a budding online business. 

I am soooo okay with how my life is going right now. (I can't even believe that I am saying this) But, I am. Life has a funny way of putting you back on track. 



Number 2, I love to be casual chic but I have a little streetstyle vibe I am completely living right now. 


So one day while I was scrolling through my insta-feed, I can upon a new blogger I like. She had on this sweater that I knew I had to have. (I still regret to this day, I didn't buy it). But it came from this online store that I had never heard of called Sheln. I bookmarked the site for use later. 

So about a two weeks ago, I decided to browse and saw this amazing top. I knew I had to have it for my upcoming vacation. It was the perfect vacation top, easy and off the shoulder. 

Now depending on the day, I could be seen sporting this casual with jeans and flats, or sexy with a skirt and heels. From the pics, you can see how I was feeling. 

There is one certain, for summer all bets are off. What drew me even closer to the top besides the price was the sexy ass split in the front. Trust me ladies, you definitely need this one in your summer wardrobe. 

Lace x Painted Denim

Hello Loves, 

One day, I outgrew my favorite tall jeans. Let me tell you how it was the hardest thing in the world to let go of them. As a women who is 6 feet tall, it used to be really tall to find tall jeans. Now, it seems it doesn't matter. Jean styles vary so much that it may almost be a little inappropriate to even wear long jeans. 

Anyway, I have really been in the mood to get my body back in check (on my own terms). So, I have been working out for the last few months and the slow changes in my body have actually started to add up. (There will be a blog post about that later)

I literally outgrew my jeans. So my first thought was to paint them and make them unique. But guess what? I got smaller and smaller and just outgrew them. So my last resort was just to cut them into shorts. 

Can I tell you how these are my favorite shorts so far. I wear them at least once a week which is why I had to give them their good space on the blog. 

Until Next Time....

xoxo Love