All Blogged Out

Whoever thinks that blogging is easy is super crazy. Even as a Part-Time Blogger it is extremely time consuming and FUN!

I want to make sure and put that in there. (FUN)

Today, I wanted to share with you some of my frustrations/bloopers with this thing called Blogging. 

Frustration #1

When you take the shot and your hair is out of place. Not only that, you check the pics and don't pick them up until you go through them on your computer. 

Frustration #2

Sometimes when I look down, I look down to hard. I don't really mean to but I think that a lot of times I am thinking of the story or the shot or something. Or, perhaps I am auditioning to be a street character in the next BIG rap video. 

I try to be careful around looking down, I swear I do.  

Frustration #3

I am still trying to figure out how to shoot when my undergarments are showing a little. As I work out and slim down, I guess I am a little self conscious about that. 

Frustration #4

Taking shots when I am sitting... Again, this is a learning process for me. But I learned a little secret about how to sit (after I shot this of course) without looking wide. 

Thank you for your inside laughs and outside cheers on this blog post. 

Stay Fashionable, 


Confessions: My Fear of Being A Mompreneur

I can't begin to tell you how much the word "Mompreneur" scared me. At first thought, I am thinking how can I do it and balance it all? How can I be great at both things?

Let me give you some preface to where that thought process began (not in any particular order). 

1.) I was scared to have children. Like I was scared up until my son came out of my at 8:15pm on 8/4/08. Then I became terrified. The "what if" syndrome started. But then a whole year in and the presence of the love of my life brought it all to a great calm place. 

2.) I gave up being an fashion entrepreneur because I had failed. I had invested 110% of myself into that business, left the love of my life and just did the damn thing. I failed at business, I failed at my relationship with Him. I had failed at establishing myself professional and lastly I had failed at family and friends. 

3.) It was just plain ole easier for me to just conform to the regular life than to put all my ideas and focus on what I love to do. I can get a regular paycheck. Write my books and just be free to live life. 

Wrong, wrong and definitely freakin out of this world insane. 

I hated it, I hated my life. It showed up everywhere. My relationship went to shit and turned him into a man that once was so open and on the table with everything. My attitude traveled to the land of unhappy black women and my self esteem went on vacation & took a horrible hit but left with me 25 extra glorious pounds. 

Do you have an idea how long it is to get back up after that? How long it is to come out your black hole? 

It takes a inner strength and prayer. No amount of friends or family mediation will do it until YOU ARE READY! They just make the process smoother for you. (because they are absolutely an important part of the equation) 

So back to this word: Mompreneur

Being a mompreneur today is amazing. I have to juggle a lot and I have to plan more, but it takes a while to get there. It's a long road and you have to be willing to go over all those speed bumps. I am here, I have just started to unleash ME onto the world and I am excited. 

Get ready to go on this journey with me!!!

Fashionably Yours, 


Coffee Break: How I Really Feel About Stripes

This first picture tells you how I really feel about stripes. I brought this dress from Zara and I thought to myself I may shoot it and then take it back. Now as crazy as that sounds (I know other bloggers do it), I felt a twinge in my stomach at that thought. First of all, I don't make returns that often. Like in 2015 I returned 3 things. One of which I re-purchased later. I am very definitive about what I want and what I like. 

So moving on.... Me and Stripes have a very funny love affair. 

Reason #1

I am in the process of loosing weight. So stripes show everything you have. As you can see, I still have a little more than little tummy. 

Reason #2

The direction of stripes can be tricky, and they don't always like the direction my body is moving...

Reason #3

I don't always like the color combinations or the size combinations. 

But after I shot this, I fell absolutely in love. The flow, the size and the color combination. I might fall in love all over again. 

Fashionably Yours,


White On My Mind

There used to be a style rule that you couldn't, shouldn't wouldn't wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. Did you know that there are actual groups of women who still believe it?

Think about it, how many white parties happen in non-tourist cities? People still really abide by this rule. It's bananas!! Why?

There are so many versions of white. How many people can safely say that they know the difference between winter white and fall white? White is white is white. Your style is all about breaking the rules and making it your own. 

If you have been following my blog, then you know I'm some what of a rebel. I would say to a lot of things. I want what I want, I wear what I want and I do it how I want it. 


One of my favorite new style rules is mixing metallics, white and nude. Now, I will definitely say that I haven't completely jumped on the nude trend with everyone else but I am falling more and more in love with it as time goes on. I hate following trends. I just fell a little warm to the plaid trend and it has been out for at least 6 seasons. 

This look is my version of being playful with my style as I emerge as the Full Time Entrepreneur I want to be. The dress is girly yet playful and fun. The Metallic Bag gives me complete life, and my boots are my fav so far and they are sooooo last season!!!


Fashionably Yours,


Anticipate Tomorrow, Deliver Today

I am completely obsessed with building an amazing online business and delivering the kind of experience you would receive if you were in the my Brick & Mortar store (which is launching in 60 days). 

One of the most common things that I see is when people call out businesses on IG and say how they never got their package or how they called or emailed customer service and no one ever responded. And then, a company representative tells the customer to email customer service right in the comments so that everyone else can see it. 

Are you freaking kidding me? 

You just want to loose 100 customers a day depending on how many people see it?

Style Notes:

I love, live and function in my Happiness sweats. They are thick enough, long enough and sexy enough. They are available in 3 colors and they are one of my favorite casuals sexy things... I am a heels and sweats kind of girl but I love a pair of street style sneaks as well. 

Top:/ Old Navy,  Joggers/Amourchic, Bracelet/Amourchic

xoxo Love

Shiny Distractions

You start off with a plan right? You are determined to make a complete difference in your life for what it's worth. You are going to make every diligent effort to make something amazing happen. And then what.....

You get completely distracted by all the shiny objects in the world. The newest and most interesting is SnapChat. We are all addicted. So you want to focus, you want to tell your story and you also want to stay in tune with what the rest of the world is doing and currently obsessed with. 

Branding and Marketing are the heartbeats of your business. I get distracted with new shiny objects all the time. The key is to check yourself every now and then and make sure that you are engaging and creating an experience for yourself. 

So here are my 3 tips to make sure that you are capable of  enjoying the distractions and at the same time focused on building your Global Empire. 

1.) Recognize the times when you fall into a place of dead space where you get easily distracted. Emotions can take a key roll in this. 

2.) Always keep your why in full frontal view. 

3.) Make sure and have a strategy in place especially if you are in the beginning places of branding or rebranding. The Brand Awareness stage is the most important. 

Dress/Bag/Bracelet from  A  mourChic

Dress/Bag/Bracelet from AmourChic

xoxo LOVE

A RoofTop with A Side of Style

I am so super guilty of using the LifeStyle Blogger hashtag without actually blogging about it. As I am transitioning my complete business model for a 2017 world, I am embracing all that I am. I love where I am right now. The last step is for me to be able to do it FT. Im working extremely hard towards that. 

Last night I met friends on a RoofTop in Downtown Baltimore. I will be the first to tell you that I have an extreme Love-Hate relationship with Baltimore. (A story for another time) I have decided to embrace this city and all of its culture and share it and everything else I love with you. 

Since I was a teenager, I have loved photography, fashion and traveling. I absolutely have to stop myself from self destruction because I have waited in the background with my talents for so long. I don't even know why because I have such a strong personality. 

Fast forward to the night. I went to SkyBar, a Rooftop Bar in the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Downtown Baltimore. The ambiance was adorable. 

The waiter reminded me of Brad Goreski, whom I absolutely adore. Oh and that's my bestie who will hate this pic because she is posed. I keep telling her being posed is so 2000's. 

Anyway, the food was cute composed of small plates. There was a good Sushi menu and the Happy Hour Drinks were good, that's always a plus. But the best part of the night is always about hanging around good people. 

And celebrating the Life of a Up and Coming Blogger/Fashionista my love @ProjectMainStays. Make sure and follow him on IG. He is always the one you want to be in the room with. Every now and then I have to remind him. It was absolutely great to be able to take a few hours out of my day to spend with someone I truly admire. 

Bestie Vibes!!!

And I always seem to find a wall before heading back in to my loves!!!

The story goes... If you need a little something new and different with a hint of sexy for a little date with Bae or with your best chicks. You should check this place out. 

xoxo Love

The Too Smart Customer


Oh okay, you are going to tell me what I should be doing and how to do it in my business?

Okay ladies, NOW Let's get into formation. 

How many times have you had conversations with a customer either online or off, and they have the gull to tell you how and what you should be doing in your business? I mean who can tell you how to run your business? You know what you need to know right?


As soon as you get it through your thick skull that customers can absolute tell you what you need to do in your business, you will become a winner. Why? How? You say. 

Well the answer is quite simple. It's the internet. That lovely devilish internet has opened the floodgates and given an insider view of you and your business. Most importantly, they can see how you do business and with whom.

But don't worry. It's all good. All this is doing is making you The Boss, The CEO, The Head Honcho more adaptable to how you are communicating your product or brand to that consumer. She/he will make you smarter. Let them continue to think that they are smarter than you. 

It's okay. You don't always have to be the smartest person in the room. You just have to be two steps ahead of your customer. At the end of the day, you have something that they want. Even if they tell you that they can get it cheaper from the same vendor that you purchase from it's okay. Just find better vendors. 

Why? Because you have to look at the Business Cycle. If your vendors are experiencing a drought, then yes they are going to try to make money by selling directly to consumers. My suggestion to you would be to just simply find other vendors. That will teach them a lesson. Let them know that it's crossing a line and then move on. 

Be as fashionably elegant as you can be. That's the black and white to the situation. Which is so fitting for my outfit in this blog post. You know I love me some street style, and so I decided to sell it as well. 

Top:/ AmourChic Shorts:/ Target Shoes: Vince Camuto  Jewelry:/ Amourchic

xoxo LOVE




Dear Future Broke Chick

Are you mad already just from the title? 

Don't Be?

I promise I have something good to say. I PROMISE!!!

When I say that I am sitting here in absolute awe over how this younger generation of women (and by younger I am including myself (18-45), is killing it. They are killing it in every industry. I mean when has there ever been such a rise of Black Girl Magic or just even Female Superpower? 

I mean I can safely say that this is the age of Superpower Female Heroes. Name one place where you can't look to right now for inspiration somewhere. I mean even as a Fashion Connoisseur myself, I love where this industry is going. I am in love with the Hustle of it all. (And I hated the word Hustle up until 2 months ago). 

But here are my concerns. When I first started in the fashion industry in 1998, there were like 8 black girls who had boutiques at the shows. I mean when I say 8, I mean 8. You were looked at funny. Looked down on because it was presumed that your business was in the hood. Looked at crazy because they just knew you were going to cancel your order. Like we had to work for our money. And we had to work hard. 

Now you have digital accommodations fueled with a willingness to just be pretty, stylish, fashionable and extremely likable and you have it made.


You are almost right. What it has caused in hindsight is an over-confidence that has caused a generation of women to arrive on the scene, take it over and then assume they can dictate with the big dogs. 

You can't. 

What will happen if you don't learn how to do the following: 

1.) Learn how to and structure you business model with future goals. (start with 3 years)

2.) Put yourself on a budget so that you can keep more money in your pocket and stop stocking the shelves of all the luxury brands. Because believe me, 3-5 generations from today are already writing you Thank You Letters. 

3.) Learn how to use you eyes and listen to the people who are interested and buying your products. Learn how to engage a little. 

4.) DO your research daily. Just because you have 150K followers on IG doesn't mean that you have your premier audience now. You should run your business like you have 1 follower and you need a new one everyday to interact with you. 

So what will surely happen is.......

You will be absolutely irrelevant and obsolete. Why?

Because you can only hold so much of peoples attention when you show them all you do is consume luxury brands. Once you have nothing else to show (if you are a business owner) people will move on. People have already moved on. Look at your social platform engagements. I promise you they have. 

Stop living in a fantasy world and live like you have some sense and some purpose. Think long term generational wealth. 

And, believe me I have done my fair share of consuming. I am not here judging, I am here spitting facts. 

Stay Focused, Stay Fashionable, Stay Consistent!!

My Look 

Pants:/ Rag & Bone

Scarf & Clutch:/ AmourChic

Shoes:/ Steve Madden

Top:/ J Crew




xoxo LOVE

It's The How In Your Goals

Everybody and I mean everybody will take stand up in a room and say how they would shout from a rooftop how much they want success. 

Have you ever heard it and given them your best side eye. I know I have. And it's not because I don't believe in them, I don't believe that they have mentally prepared themselves for the action of it all. 

So let's start with the basics. 

First you write out your goal. It can be for the month, the week or the day. Okay. So congrats you have completed the first task. Now what? Have you looked at it since you wrote it down? Have you thought about it? Have you meditated on it? Have you visualized it? What have you done since you wrote it down?

I promise if you are honest with yourself, you haven't done any of it. You maybe just wrote it down. So let me say this. You absolutely aren't doing enough. It's Not Enough. You aren't moving towards success just because you wrote the goal down. It's all about actions. Period. 

Okay so solutions to get you going!!

1.) Figure out what the best accountability tracker is for you. Is it a person? Is it a planner? Or do you really have the mental capacity to hold yourself accountable?

2.) Now, hold yourself accountable. Period. Your goal has to contain metrics. It must have a time and a measurable outcome. 

3.) List daily or weekly steps towards that goal. Break them down into doable actions. Don't list any more than three, especially starting out. Three is a doable number without mentally overwhelming yourself. 

4.) Make sure and complete those three things on your list no matter what. Push yourself. 

5.) Be prepared to fail. Measure where you failed and revamp. Be constant, consistent in doing it everyday and expect that it will take longer. I mean way longer than you think. 

xoxo LOVE

From Inspiration to Action

If you have been following me on IG, YouTube or this Blog, you know that I am extremely passionate about helping Female Entrepreneurs move into action with their passions, their lives and their business. Action is the one step that determines your successful course of action. 

If there’s one self-criticism that most people have, it’s the inability to take action with any consistency. For example, you might have the inspiration to finally lose weight and get in great shape. But then you’re unable to get started on your exercise routine. What is that holds us back? Why do we have this inability to start? I will tell you from experience, its mental. Once you decide to do it, it just becomes a part of who you are. 

Steps to move from Inspiration to Action

1. Create the necessary space in your life. 

2. Begin doing things in incremental times. Baby steps lead to full grown walking. 

3. Avoid letting yourself off the hook. 

4. Create a reminder system. Start with something small like alarms on your phone. 

5. Measure your progress. 

Taking action is more than just thinking, planning and learning. You need that, but you should put together a plan and then do it. It can be a small plan. Small actions lead to big actions. PERIOD!!!

xoxo LOVE

The August Chronicles

New Month, new actions. That is the theme I am putting out there for August. 

Why August You Ask?

For several reasons. Just like you I am a mompreneur first. I spend my life multi-tasking (which really means that I am focusing on one thing for a specified period of time). My days look like your days. I don't have the luxury of spending 8 hours working on my craft and then moving on to household things. I am lucky to get 30-45 straight minutes to concentrating on one thing. 

So its critical that every day in August you focus on the concept of actionable steps in your life in order to reach your goal. Last month I gave nuggets daily in order to manifest success into your life. The bottom line is that there are more tasks than there are hours and minutes in your life. I get it. As I am sitting here writing this blog post at my kitchen counter, all I can think about is what I need to clean and when. I just cooked a meal to add to my youtube channel playlist. But the most important thing is today is my 8 year olds birthday so I have a lot going on in the next few days. 

So this month I want to give out worksheets and eventually create a workbook to help you streamline and move forward in your life and business. Everyday we focus on the importance of Actions and how they shape our lives. 

Those are my coachable actionable steps for you. I can't wait to see what you accomplish. We have 31 days and I know that you have already started. Make sure and follow me over on IG to get what your actionable concept is for the day. And as always, you can always click here and schedule a free strategy session. 



Read This Before You Jump The Social Platform Ship!!

Well Hello There Fabpreneurs, 

Are you just as excited as I am. Have you found another platform (social app) to play with? The newest and brightest and sometimes the loudest news tool to just share more of ourselves with. I mean outside of having cameras follow us all around all day long (wait, I am doing a lot of that now hmmmm. no such a bad idea, sneak a peak), how much more of ourselves can we share?

Well here is the most amazing thing, you need to be there because eventually your fan club, your tribe or your social friends are going to be there. So here are some of my suggestions. The rest you should see in Episode #3 of #Loveit. 

Suggestion #1: The easiest one. 

Let them know that they can also find you on this new platform. Don't just jump ship because everyone else on it. Say for instance, you are a Social Influencer on Instagram. Your tribe is accustomed to seeing you in a certain way on there daily. It isn't just wise for you to abruptly stop posting on IG and not informing them that they can also see you up front and personal on the new platform.  

Suggestion #2: Make sure you communicate in a parallel way. 

Wow. Yes I said it. You can be all Chic and Posh on Instagram and then turn around and be balls out and partying on SnapChat for every Snap. I get that you want to show more of your life, but if you are a Business Woman, you need to make sure that your snaps also align with your brand. Show the softer side of you but be discreet enough to not ruin your business. 

Suggestion #3: Think about a new way to show what you have. 

Everyone is a genius at something. We all have talents and expert level knowledge and experience that we can share with the world. How are you going to use that new platform to get that point across? Think long and hard about that one. 

I look forward to seeing how you do!!

PS! My Tee is on sale here!!!

XOXO, Love

You Can't Fake IT Until You Make IT! Why? Because Everyone is Watching?


If you haven't heard, everyone is watching everything you do. Every step you take and have taken for the last 5-8 years has been captured. You can try to be as private as you can, but I promise that you have uploaded your entire life to your "Social Friends" because let's face it, you want people to know.

Where is this headed?

I run a Creative Business Development and Marketing Agency. I am looking at things from two perspectives. Number one, my job is to study you. To study your behavior. To study your buying behavior. To make notes on your likes and dislikes. Secondly, my job is to make sure that my clients who want to Market their great products and services to you, do it in the right way exactly where you are. 

We are all consumers! We buy products and services from people that we are attracted to. Your personality counts. The way you portray yourself counts. Everything you do for a living works, and people are interested and they are watching. 

My advice from this day forward is for you to not fake it until you make it for your business, I want you to let people see who you are, what you bring to their lives and that you are a Human with ups, downs and crossroads. Stop hiding in the corner and not letting people in. 

How do you do that? 

Listen, Learn, Take Action where they are!!

I just launched my Youtube channel because I wanted to show who I was at heart. It is important to me. It's important to my future self. I will be able to look at all my video clips and know that I have helped people launch businesses that they love. That has been my whole goal!!

xoxo Love


15 Minutes of Daily Intentions

I wouldn't be who I was if I told you to do something but then didn't give you a resource of how to do it. Today, I have decided to really stay in my lane and give you all of me. I am a In-Your-Face Business Strategist. I am the person that will sit in front of you and in 15 minutes, tell you what you should be doing and help you find your target market. I came across someone yesterday that I don't even listen to on social media. I believe in Divine Intervention. I believe in Clarity. I believe that if you don't laser focus now and get really comfortable about Self Awareness, you will never go far pass GO!!!

Yesterday, my Daily Success Intention was for you to schedule your day in 15 minute increments, but then I didn't create a tool for you. So here it is. Look very closely at where your time is going. Your most valuable resource as a "entrepreneur" is time. Where are you wasting it? Where are you most productive?

Share your results!!!

xoxo Love

Don't Let Life Pass You.....

How many times have you heard it, read about it, saw it pop up in your social media timeline. These words lurk like a overdue bill you haven't even opened. Why do we ignore these words so. Is it Fear? Fear that we won't be able to live up to the expectation. Is it doubt? Doubt in ourselves?

I swear, years ago I vowed to live the best life I could. And since I said that, life decided to kick my ass everyday. Everyday I saw people moving forward, finding love, living out dreams that I had. And you know what? I still didn't budge. It was like my mind was screaming goooooo but the cement called my feet wouldn't allow me to take off. 

Well no more. I have been be moving. Been advising. Been finding things out about myself I didn't know existed. 

It's was and sometimes it still is hard. Because, life has to throw you curve balls. God has to test you to make you stronger. You can't fall flat on your face. You have to keep pushing, and keep moving forward. 

I want you to join me on this. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost or frustrated, Click Here!! I have something just for you!!

Live Fearlessly, 

xoxo Love

Intention #4: Write It Out!!

What is it that I want you to write down? Everything!!!

Every day you need to write several things down.

1.) Your Goals.

2.) Your dream. (your overall huge dream)

3.) Your personal mission statement. (need to create one, click here)

4.) If you have a business, your daily financial goal. If you have a personal financial goal, write it down for the month. 

This is a short list. I have a whole module and planning sheets available for free here. What you write daily is very important. You are more likely to act on those things that you write down. 

Live Focused & Fearless

xoxo LOVE



How To End Your Month Like A Fabpreneur

What I am getting ready to tell you is going to sound obscenely crazy by everyone else's standards. They like to tell you that you should end your month selling, selling, selling. And that's not 100% correct. 

You should be spending your last day of the month: planning, relaxing, reflecting and thanking. Probably in that order. Your business should have Evergreen Systems in place so that it is making money on the last day of the month, not you. 

I created a checklist (which will soon become a downloadable and fillable product) for what you end of the month should really look like. So let's get it!!

1. Your Personal 30-day Mindset Investment Plan

You may be asking yourself, what is that? That's okay. It is your personal accountability plan of how to plan to feed your mind so that your life and your business stay in tact. If you find yourself not doing much over those 30 days, don't beat yourself up, plan to go harder the next month. 

2. Look at your current Evergreen Strategy

Look at what you have automated in your business currently. Evaluate what's working. Evaluate what you need to have turned on so that your business continues while you take a break. 

3. Customer Service

Who fell in love with you? Who fell out of love with you? and which ones of those did you properly nurture? It's important that you know what people are saying. 

4. Online Marketing Efforts

How did your current ads run? What platforms are working for you? Are there new ones that you want to try? (not to many at one time) Look at your lead generation tools and see which ones you need to retarget. Did you send your avatar through a nurture sequence. 

5. Email List Generation

How has your email efforts really worked in conduction with your online marketing efforts. What do you need to change. Have you looked at your email sequence? Is it working?

6. Monthly Goals and Weekly Action Steps

Look over the goals that you set for the month. Did you hit them? If not evaluate what you did or did not do to get there? Were your weekly action steps aligned with your monthly goals. 

7. Look at your Social Media Topics and Content

Are they strategically aligned with your goals and your overall plan. In looking over what you did, how did you avatar respond? Do have ideas for the next month? Social Media marketing research is ever going. You need to be able to take notes and come up with new creative content every month. 

Keep in mind that this is a partial list. I wanted to give a glimpse into what you should be doing now and looking at real data. I know that salesy people want you to spend the last 24 hours of the month selling everything at a 50% discount, and guess what, your business can but make sure it is done on auto-pilot. Not you physically doing it. 

So, Grab some wine, find a pool or your favorite working space, and get to that DATA!!!

xoxo Love 

Have You Clarified What Success Looks Like In Your Life?

It could look like you living in a dream area, driving an expensive car and shopping daily. It could also look like living on a remote island, working from your computer and raising your family. 

The point is, it has to be very clear for you. Identifying what you want and creating your path to your success is essential to it actually being realized.

There are two overall components to it really happening. 

1. You must have passion for what it is that you are doing in life and in your business. The problems is most of us don't know what we are passionate about, and others have a hard time pinpointing what to focus on because we want to stick our hands in several pots. 

2. People have to see the real you. Well this is where the hard part begins. It's important that you get up close and personal with who you are as a woman and how to be authentic. We have to dive and dig deep to peel back all of those layers and making it come to surface. 

So in order to help my future Fabpreneurs in this, I created a free 6 week coaching program. I promise that when you are finished this, you will absolutely have a clear vision and path to your success. 

What you are looking for is absolutely achievable. You just need the right sequence of strategies.  Try These!!!

Fabulously and Successfully Yours, 

xoxo Love