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The Business of Tomorrow: Research Your Field

Hello Fabpreneurs, 

How many times can you actually hear someone say, “Do Your Research!!” As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in a Tech Leaders class hearing the presenter say this very thing out of his mouth. 

I think the larger question is, Where do I do my research?”


Every potential Entrepreneur especially those who are starting their dream businesses after 40, has that same question. Where do I look to find the people who would be interested in the product that I have to offer? 


Here is the real question…


Where can I study the market to see if there is a good market to product fit before I even launch my wonderful idea, first?

Secondly? How exploratory am I really ready to get? 


Now before you hit the ground and scream, cry and throw a temper tantrum, realize that your wonderful idea can still be realized. You may have to just tweak it, or introduce a new product to that market until you build your KLT factor and then sell them your idea. 


In a world where we want to launch with everyone, we have to rethink things and work backwards. Believe me. I am a serial entrepreneur and now I am in a place where it makes sense to coach people through starting digital businesses to your with a digital mindset. 


So where do you start?

Step One


Put your ear to the ground, meaning put your eyes on social media and see what everyone is talking about. Listen to what they are interested in. Listen to what they complain about. Look at where their interests are create some common themes. Take your focus off of what kind of product you want to create, and create something for the general need.


Step Two

Differentiate and segment according common themes. So think about your capabilities and match them with the common themes of the common talk. Can you fill the need? If at this point, your answer is no, then you need to research a little deeper. 


Step Three

Brain dump all of the ways you can help out this market with your genius and start to communicate before you create. Make sure to join the conversation. Let them hear your voice so that you can build your community before you launch your product. 

If you are an over 40 Fabpreneur, your immediate audience will be on Facebook first. There are so many ways to engage on this platform to get feedback.

Stay tuned for the third installment of my summer business series. If you haven't had a chance to read the first one, check it out here!!!

Until Next Monday Loves!!!



The Business of Tomorrow: Your Creative Mojo

Hello There Fabpreneurs, 

I am so excited to deliver my business summer series, "The Business of Tomorrow." 

The first topic in this series is "Your Creative Mojo." 

I like the word Mojo!! Mojo is your magic charm. It's what makes you "You"!! It what makes you stand out in the world full of competitors. 

Before you really Launch any venture, you have to do a creative assessment. Part of this assessment is your ability to adapt to new emerging technology. Major parts of that technology are:

1.) New Social Platforms

2.) New methods of delivery for information

3.) Your ease of mobility

Think about who you need to surround yourself with in order to accomplish this so that it doesn't stump your business. Meaning, if a new technology comes out that you absolutely will loose market share to, and you are scared to put yourself as an expert, then hire someone immediately that can keep you in the game. 

It has already been established the next industrial revolution will be that stemming from human creativity. Think about how corporate offices are shaped. Look at the movement of independent contractors all around you. We are called entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives. Your ability to maximize on your individual strengths using your creativity. 

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Love XO