The Thoughts of a Newly Minded Entrepreneur

Every year someone does it. A woman (group of women) decide that they are going to take that plunge. They are going to live the rest of their lives on their own terms. New Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Solopreneurs and every other kind of preneur... embark on that most exciting yet stressful journey. 

I just wanted to sit my glass of wine down and speak to you a little about my own experiences over the last 6 months that were very real, very scary and very relevant to where I am right now. To many times in life I feel like we don't have those courageous conversations. 

Reflection One

I really needed to have a plan as to what, how and when I would distribute content. I had a thought like, "Yeah I will do blog posts 3 times a week." But let me tell you what happened. It was a mess. I was all over the place with my topics, and what it really looked like was a brain dump all over the internet. I knew that I had a huge amount of info to share. I just didn't take my time and curate it very well. 

Reflection Two

I initially thought that blogging would be easy and that I would be smart enough to just wing it until I made it. I was completely wrong. Those who had been in the game long enough and were killing it, and I looked up to ( I's a run on sentence) had put a new level of werk into the game. I guess when all the REAL Fashion Editors couldn't decide how to take the IT that is blogging, the pioneers set the tone. 

I had to learn photography. I had to learn web design (at least the basics). I had to learn photoshop. Lastly, I had to learn video editing software. And this takes time. And the only thing that will get you through is an extreme willingness to get it done and for it to be prefect. 

Reflection Three

I needed to get myself Healthy & Fit. I still work at it daily, but it has really helped to improve me and helped me understand who I am as a woman. 

Reflection Four

I journey has set up the complete vision that I have for myself and my life. It has completely opened my eyes and my Pandora Box. I feel ready for this year. I am ready for all of my Highs and Lows to come. I am ready to just go for it, with everything I have, and every-who I am. 

I will catch you at the end of the rainbow!!!