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How To Build A Cult Brand


Hello Loves, 

The other day I was reading an old Fast Company magazine that highlighted all of these Premier Entrepreneurs and their building and branding techniques. The focus of course was The Rise of The Cult Brand. I love a good Cult Brand. When I owned a Brick and Mortar retail store, I would make it a part of my buying plan to discover a good Cult Brand every season. 

In reading this article, I created a list of the most important components that I felt were essential in building a Cult Brand. 

By definition, a Cult Brand is a Brand that has a already established committed consumer base. The most important thing is that they sell a lifestyle. 


So I developed a list of five things that will set you on a path to also developing your cult brand. 

1.)  Identify something that people consider a chore or a necessity. 

2.) Figure out ways to make #1 fun? Consider creating something that will turn into a full blown experience. 

3.) Phish and see how people respond to ideas just to rule out the outliers. 


4.) Bring the personality x 1000!!!

5.) Don't overwhelm. Start with 1 or 2 products at a time and build from there. 


I am pretty sure I am going to do a more explicit part 2 of this post. I like to get really detailed when I do business posts. I may even just create a workbook to take you guys through the process. 

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