The Fun, Fearless, Entrepreneur


Hello Loves, 

Welcome back to another business blog post. I feel like with every post, I let a little bit of me go. I am such a work in progress, that the progress is scary within itself. Me as a business woman has been one of my greatest hurdles. 

I started this blogging life as a documentary of my journey in becoming the woman, entrepreneur, wife, mother and all around best human I am supposed to be. 

"A Millennial can can inspire a movement, a boomer can start a business, and an octogenarian can find true love. Your age doesn't define you. It doesn't lift you or limit you-it is simply your current moment in time."

This quote sent such a strong volt up my spine. One of the biggest hurdles in my life was getting over the fact that I had to restructure and relaunch my entire business at the age that I am now. I realized in the summer of 2017 that I wanted to be a Fun & Fearless Entrepreneur and woman. The road has been bumpy to say the least. I have had lots of turns in my yellow brick road and I have given everything I have to stay on that road. 

When you live, work and coexist in the digital space, you have to take it one strategic day at a time. And, some times it can get a little time consuming. It becomes the task of the day as to what to post, what to shoot, what to record, what to read but most importantly, how do I tell my story today. 

Celebrate the wins and the fails. Learn daily and listen always. Your business is not limited to your age or your circumstances. It is a culmination of events that take place on a daily basis. That everyday work that you make as Fun and do Fearlessly, will be the determining factor in your business. 


xoxo LOVE

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