2018 x You x Alignment


Hello Loves, 

Well 2018 is officially in progress and I am soaking it all in. This is my first business post of 2018. I contemplated which topic I wanted to attack first as there are so many to hit already. If you are a Entrepreneur or even a working Entrepreneur then you know that the digital ecosystem changes every minute of every day. 

I have come to realize that if you accept that one true fact, you will be less overwhelmed. Not feeling like you are constantly chasing your tail is important. With that being said, I decided to write a little about Alignment. More specifically, Alignment in your daily business practices. 


The key ingredient in alignment in your business is leadership. How do I communicate and clearly define the mission of my business? How do I make sure that the behaviors of me and my team work towards the mission and the goals in my business on a daily basis? Can we clearly identify the consequences of what happens if those behaviors are not aligned. 


Let's use me as an example. One of my goals (which aligns with my mission) for 2018 is to build my readership on my blog and increase my viewership on my Youtube channel. So my behaviors have to align with meeting that goal. Am I posting to social media enough? Am I creating content that people want to read or view? All my behaviors in 2018 have to align with my overall goal. 

This isn't about grinding. Grinding is over rated and out of style. This is about alignment and being intentional. Let's get it Glam Girls!!! 

Until Next Time.....


xoxo LOVE