The Business of Tomorrow: Your Creative Mojo

Hello There Fabpreneurs, 

I am so excited to deliver my business summer series, "The Business of Tomorrow." 

The first topic in this series is "Your Creative Mojo." 

I like the word Mojo!! Mojo is your magic charm. It's what makes you "You"!! It what makes you stand out in the world full of competitors. 

Before you really Launch any venture, you have to do a creative assessment. Part of this assessment is your ability to adapt to new emerging technology. Major parts of that technology are:

1.) New Social Platforms

2.) New methods of delivery for information

3.) Your ease of mobility

Think about who you need to surround yourself with in order to accomplish this so that it doesn't stump your business. Meaning, if a new technology comes out that you absolutely will loose market share to, and you are scared to put yourself as an expert, then hire someone immediately that can keep you in the game. 

It has already been established the next industrial revolution will be that stemming from human creativity. Think about how corporate offices are shaped. Look at the movement of independent contractors all around you. We are called entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives. Your ability to maximize on your individual strengths using your creativity. 

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Love XO