The Business of Tomorrow: Define The Blueprint

Hello Fabpreneurs,


My advice everyday will be that it is never to early or late to define the blueprint for your life and your business. 


For this fourth post in my Business Summer Series, we are going to focus on building your business blueprint. The first part of it starts with you. So question one is, “Are you simply going through the motions?” Meaning, are you going through the motions of life and trying to find out who you are and what you want. 


Step One:

Define your current reality. 


If you draw a circle (thought cloud) in the middle of the page, place what your current reality is. Meaning what you look like emotionally, financially, entrepreneurially and definitely spiritually. 


Are you in the ideation stage of you business, where you have this great idea and you know people who need your product or service? Are you already in your business where you are making a little bit of headway and you are deciding what your next steps are? Or are you in the space where you know that you want to work for yourself at some point because life isn't what you want right now.


Step Two:


Determine and Define where you fit. 


The worst thing that you can do is continue to hit yourself over the head about whether or not you are good enough to sell a certain product. Determine who you are selling to and look at the complete market. Get market research and then decide on how you are going to implement. 

That leads to the next step. 

Step Three:


Set goals on how you are going to break into that market. SMART goals are important and allow you to steer your way through your blueprint. 

Step Four

Map out your contingency plan.


It is a critical step in anything outside of praying for guidance that you need to have a what-if plan for everything. Business will go through ups and downs and you will experience lots of aha moments. Take it all in!!!



Until next time….

XOXO Love.