The Business of Tomorrow

Hello Fabpreneurs,

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the constant flow of newness happening all around you and your business?

We are literally on the super highway of a digital revolution and you and your business need to get into the flow of traffic. The real question here is what lane are you going to drive in. 

I am going to let you in on a little secret. It a BYOD world. What is BYOD you ask? It means that at some point in your business career, you will need to Bring Your Own Digital to your customers. You want to build relationships and community around what you have to offer? Then, you have to build a digital blueprint. It is the next step in every business that hasn’t done so already. 

So what areas do you need to focus on? As I writing this blog post, I realize that I want to do this in steps. I will make this part of my business summer series. How to really think about moving your business into the business of tomorrow. I am in the process of doing it as well just to be a resource for you. 


Here is a glimpse of my partial To Do List. 

1.) I am in training to do clickable demos for those wishing to launch software. 

2.) I am taking coding classes so I can really develop personalized website functions 

3.) I am launching my Digital services on June 1, 2017

4.) Mastering Pinterest for Brands 

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