Checklist Marketing ~vs~ Real Daily Marketing

Hello Fabpreneurs, 

Happy Monday!! I know I usually do Business posts on Wednesdays, and I promise to get back to worksheet Wednesdays, but I had to do this today. 

Over the weekend I had a very relevant conversation with a local business owner about marketing. His sentiment was that there is so much out there to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that he felt like he was all over the place. So his coping mechanism was just to post the same thing everywhere whenever he can. 

I just had that big eyed look that I always have, and sat there in disbelief for a moment. Did he really just say that. 

This blog is dedicated to anyone who may be stuck in that same state of mind. 

Checklist marketing is when you have a to do list such as...

1.) Post on Facebook

2.) Post on Twitter

3.) Post on Instagram

4.) Post on Snapchat

and so on and so on and so on.....with no purpose at all. You are literally throwing things out there to see what sticks. 

Real daily marketing is curated. It's strategic. It aligns with whats happening inside and outside of your business. It tells a story. It sends a message. 

Strategy #1

Plan, plan and plan. I am DEAD serious about this. Plan your social focus. The message can be the same displayed in different ways. Just make a list first to plan it out. Because the next step is very important. 

Strategy #1.5

Do a trial and figure out where you are getting the most interaction and feedback. Meaning if you post for 1-2 weeks, fade off of the social platforms that your audience isn't responding. The remaining will be your focus. 

Strategy #2

Re-plan to only focus on your main social channels. You natural social media feeds are just as important as your paid advertising. You must have decency and order in one before you move to the other. 

I am going to start with this so as not to confuse where you should start. I will add a second part to this post later on in the month.