Do You Have Boss Sauce?

Strategies That Channel Your Inner Boss Chick!!!

I am not gonna lie here. I saw this title on the cover of a magazine at the nail shop and it hit right on the nose with what I am currently in tune with for entrepreneurship empowerment. Now like anyone else, I love a good quote like any other self motivated individual. 

In 2015 & 2016 I heard the word Boss more than I heard the word me or I. I mean.... everyone is a Boss these days right? 

For reasons that make me jump up and down for joy that so many people are choosing to live life on their own terms, I also want people to know the real. 

So let's look at the common factors that it takes to be the Boss. 

Number One....

Be a Current and LifeLong Learner

Stating the obvious, you have to be a lifelong learner. Why? Because if you don't, you will fall and fail hard. Everyday I am learning. I realized that I love using youtube as an extension of me at 40. So I am studying the professionals and learning the trade. 

Number Two....

A Willingness to Lead By Example

I learned this personally the hard way. You have to be willing to do any and everything that you ask of others, period. If you want greater graphics for your business, you need to understand the language and basic knowledge of your visuals. Period. Don't get lost because technology and software are tooooo hard. 

Number Three.....

Have a Vision and a Plan

This is one of those things that is definitely easier said than done. I think to many times we start out strong and then we wander off. To many distractions. 

Number Four.....

Know and be willing to develop others

Please, please, please do not be scared to place value and resources into your employees and team. They will not outgrow you. You cannot succeed if you have that mentality. Everyone on the team learns and grows together. 

Number Five....

Be able to maintain and move forward in Chaos

Entrepreneurship would not be the same if you didn't expect chaos at some point. You have to be strong and keep pushing forward so when your team sees it, they move forward with you. Period...