5 Tips to Run Your Business Smoothly in 2019


Hey Loves,

Have you ever felt like sometimes your business (or the process of you doing business, starting a business or revamping your business) seems like you are literally just running a business?

The truth of the matter is that you will feel like this several times a year while you run your business full time.

Here are some ( ) tips on how to not feel overwhelmed with your business in 2019.



Create a content calendar. I struggled with this for the last two years and it drove me crazy. I felt like I was all over the place and my content wasn’t as intentional as it should have been and then it literally ceased to exist.


Make a list of all you want to accomplish business wise for the entire year. This should be your overall goals for your business put into categories.



Create your social media goals and expectations based off of the main platforms your want to increase awareness on. If you are new to this. Pick 2-3 and no more. Do not overwhelm yourself trying to be everywhere. Decide where your target market is most, and concentrate on those platforms.



Track your finances very closely. I am definitely guilty of this. Know your numbers. If you sell something, know how many units you need to sell to break even. Know all of your numbers for everything..



Mind your own business. The only people you should put your full attention to is your customer. We are all guilty of spending to much time worrying about what other business boss babes are doing? The next thing you realize is that you will spend hours that equal to days that equal to weeks of spending time away from focusing on your business. Let’s all make a goal of 2019 to not spend more time scrolling other peoples business and completely focus on our own.


So here’s to building a Happy and Prosperous business in 2019. Make sure to check back in and let me know how it’s going. I’ll be here building with you.

xoxo Love

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The Fun, Fearless, Entrepreneur


Hello Loves, 

Welcome back to another business blog post. I feel like with every post, I let a little bit of me go. I am such a work in progress, that the progress is scary within itself. Me as a business woman has been one of my greatest hurdles. 

I started this blogging life as a documentary of my journey in becoming the woman, entrepreneur, wife, mother and all around best human I am supposed to be. 

"A Millennial can can inspire a movement, a boomer can start a business, and an octogenarian can find true love. Your age doesn't define you. It doesn't lift you or limit you-it is simply your current moment in time."

This quote sent such a strong volt up my spine. One of the biggest hurdles in my life was getting over the fact that I had to restructure and relaunch my entire business at the age that I am now. I realized in the summer of 2017 that I wanted to be a Fun & Fearless Entrepreneur and woman. The road has been bumpy to say the least. I have had lots of turns in my yellow brick road and I have given everything I have to stay on that road. 

When you live, work and coexist in the digital space, you have to take it one strategic day at a time. And, some times it can get a little time consuming. It becomes the task of the day as to what to post, what to shoot, what to record, what to read but most importantly, how do I tell my story today. 

Celebrate the wins and the fails. Learn daily and listen always. Your business is not limited to your age or your circumstances. It is a culmination of events that take place on a daily basis. That everyday work that you make as Fun and do Fearlessly, will be the determining factor in your business. 


xoxo LOVE

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How To Build A Cult Brand


Hello Loves, 

The other day I was reading an old Fast Company magazine that highlighted all of these Premier Entrepreneurs and their building and branding techniques. The focus of course was The Rise of The Cult Brand. I love a good Cult Brand. When I owned a Brick and Mortar retail store, I would make it a part of my buying plan to discover a good Cult Brand every season. 

In reading this article, I created a list of the most important components that I felt were essential in building a Cult Brand. 

By definition, a Cult Brand is a Brand that has a already established committed consumer base. The most important thing is that they sell a lifestyle. 


So I developed a list of five things that will set you on a path to also developing your cult brand. 

1.)  Identify something that people consider a chore or a necessity. 

2.) Figure out ways to make #1 fun? Consider creating something that will turn into a full blown experience. 

3.) Phish and see how people respond to ideas just to rule out the outliers. 


4.) Bring the personality x 1000!!!

5.) Don't overwhelm. Start with 1 or 2 products at a time and build from there. 


I am pretty sure I am going to do a more explicit part 2 of this post. I like to get really detailed when I do business posts. I may even just create a workbook to take you guys through the process. 

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Until Next Time......

xoxo LOVE!!!

Plain Ole Preparation


Hello Loves, 

I may be a little bit of the John Maxwell kick over the last few days because as I have stated over and over again on this blog, I plan to be very "Intentional" this year. February has arrived. This means that we have had 31 days this year to make some moves. Have we done that? 

I can't say that I have made 31 moves, but I have done some things that I am proud of and pushed myself further than I am. 



"Good Decisions + Daily Discipline = A Masterpiece of Potential"

-John Maxwell

We all know that time is an Equal Opportunity Employer. You can choose to get distracted with all the things happening in the world, or you can choose to indulge in YOU!!! 

So I wanted to give you a quick list of some good decisions you can invest in to make sure that you are preparing yourself to WIN!!


1.) Pray and build your strength. Period. There is no way to get around this. 

2.) Create a two sided list. A bucket list of what you want to try this year, and another list of what you want to achieve. 

3.) Figure out how to maintain a positive attitude about everything on a daily basis. (this will be really hard)

4.) Start to infuse more healthy lifestyle choices to get your whole being in order. 

5.) Set a budget and stick to it. 


These are my basics. Everything else will follow. When you have to push yourself to your limits in order to make your business flourish, then you well being needs to be in order. I can't stress that enough. As a blogger/vlogger and Lifestyle Content Creator, it was important for me to make sure that this was at least taken care of. 

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Until Next Time

xoxo LOVE

2018 x You x Alignment


Hello Loves, 

Well 2018 is officially in progress and I am soaking it all in. This is my first business post of 2018. I contemplated which topic I wanted to attack first as there are so many to hit already. If you are a Entrepreneur or even a working Entrepreneur then you know that the digital ecosystem changes every minute of every day. 

I have come to realize that if you accept that one true fact, you will be less overwhelmed. Not feeling like you are constantly chasing your tail is important. With that being said, I decided to write a little about Alignment. More specifically, Alignment in your daily business practices. 


The key ingredient in alignment in your business is leadership. How do I communicate and clearly define the mission of my business? How do I make sure that the behaviors of me and my team work towards the mission and the goals in my business on a daily basis? Can we clearly identify the consequences of what happens if those behaviors are not aligned. 


Let's use me as an example. One of my goals (which aligns with my mission) for 2018 is to build my readership on my blog and increase my viewership on my Youtube channel. So my behaviors have to align with meeting that goal. Am I posting to social media enough? Am I creating content that people want to read or view? All my behaviors in 2018 have to align with my overall goal. 

This isn't about grinding. Grinding is over rated and out of style. This is about alignment and being intentional. Let's get it Glam Girls!!! 

Until Next Time.....


xoxo LOVE


The Business of Tomorrow: Define The Blueprint

Hello Fabpreneurs,


My advice everyday will be that it is never to early or late to define the blueprint for your life and your business. 


For this fourth post in my Business Summer Series, we are going to focus on building your business blueprint. The first part of it starts with you. So question one is, “Are you simply going through the motions?” Meaning, are you going through the motions of life and trying to find out who you are and what you want. 


Step One:

Define your current reality. 


If you draw a circle (thought cloud) in the middle of the page, place what your current reality is. Meaning what you look like emotionally, financially, entrepreneurially and definitely spiritually. 


Are you in the ideation stage of you business, where you have this great idea and you know people who need your product or service? Are you already in your business where you are making a little bit of headway and you are deciding what your next steps are? Or are you in the space where you know that you want to work for yourself at some point because life isn't what you want right now.


Step Two:


Determine and Define where you fit. 


The worst thing that you can do is continue to hit yourself over the head about whether or not you are good enough to sell a certain product. Determine who you are selling to and look at the complete market. Get market research and then decide on how you are going to implement. 

That leads to the next step. 

Step Three:


Set goals on how you are going to break into that market. SMART goals are important and allow you to steer your way through your blueprint. 

Step Four

Map out your contingency plan.


It is a critical step in anything outside of praying for guidance that you need to have a what-if plan for everything. Business will go through ups and downs and you will experience lots of aha moments. Take it all in!!!



Until next time….

XOXO Love.




The Business of Tomorrow: Brain Dump and Categorize

Hello Again Fabpreneurs, 

Welcome back to the third installment of my business of tomorrow summer series. Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite topics, Brain Dumping. Now, if you don't know me and haven't been reading my blog for a while, I want you to know that I am a host of creativity. We could literally sit down and within 30 minutes of a creativity session I could get you on track. That is why I am officially claiming that I am a Lifestyle Coach. 

I have found my love in coaching woman and for the last half of 2017 I vow to make it my official goal. Launching a Digital Business is no easy task. I don't care what the ad says or what product you use.  It is a daunting task and it require amazing time management skills with some major room for flexibility. 

So why a Brain Dump? 

It's simply because in my previous post, you did research. Your research may have led you into thinking that you need to tweak some things, reconstruct some things and build a little different. With that in mind, you must brain dump. 

First, dump out all of the things you want to achieve and do with your product. Think about all the ways that you can help people with your product. Think about all the industries that could use it. Write it all down in a thought cloud. 

From your thought cloud, draw lines out . As you start to jot down your ideas, start to place age groups and how they can help each age group. Think about ethnicities, how can they each benefit from your idea, service or product. 

Your brain cloud should look like a poster board that you tape to a wall to look at daily. Know that the conversations change daily. Which means that you may see a need or shift of need on a daily basis. 

The thought process here is that your thought cloud will get bigger and bigger and so will your perception. It is the nature of a Future Digital Business and don't let anyone tell you anything differently.

Until Next Time....

xoxo Love

The Business of Tomorrow: Research Your Field

Hello Fabpreneurs, 

How many times can you actually hear someone say, “Do Your Research!!” As I am writing this blog post, I am sitting in a Tech Leaders class hearing the presenter say this very thing out of his mouth. 

I think the larger question is, Where do I do my research?”


Every potential Entrepreneur especially those who are starting their dream businesses after 40, has that same question. Where do I look to find the people who would be interested in the product that I have to offer? 


Here is the real question…


Where can I study the market to see if there is a good market to product fit before I even launch my wonderful idea, first?

Secondly? How exploratory am I really ready to get? 


Now before you hit the ground and scream, cry and throw a temper tantrum, realize that your wonderful idea can still be realized. You may have to just tweak it, or introduce a new product to that market until you build your KLT factor and then sell them your idea. 


In a world where we want to launch with everyone, we have to rethink things and work backwards. Believe me. I am a serial entrepreneur and now I am in a place where it makes sense to coach people through starting digital businesses to your with a digital mindset. 


So where do you start?

Step One


Put your ear to the ground, meaning put your eyes on social media and see what everyone is talking about. Listen to what they are interested in. Listen to what they complain about. Look at where their interests are create some common themes. Take your focus off of what kind of product you want to create, and create something for the general need.


Step Two

Differentiate and segment according common themes. So think about your capabilities and match them with the common themes of the common talk. Can you fill the need? If at this point, your answer is no, then you need to research a little deeper. 


Step Three

Brain dump all of the ways you can help out this market with your genius and start to communicate before you create. Make sure to join the conversation. Let them hear your voice so that you can build your community before you launch your product. 

If you are an over 40 Fabpreneur, your immediate audience will be on Facebook first. There are so many ways to engage on this platform to get feedback.

Stay tuned for the third installment of my summer business series. If you haven't had a chance to read the first one, check it out here!!!

Until Next Monday Loves!!!



The Business of Tomorrow: Your Creative Mojo

Hello There Fabpreneurs, 

I am so excited to deliver my business summer series, "The Business of Tomorrow." 

The first topic in this series is "Your Creative Mojo." 

I like the word Mojo!! Mojo is your magic charm. It's what makes you "You"!! It what makes you stand out in the world full of competitors. 

Before you really Launch any venture, you have to do a creative assessment. Part of this assessment is your ability to adapt to new emerging technology. Major parts of that technology are:

1.) New Social Platforms

2.) New methods of delivery for information

3.) Your ease of mobility

Think about who you need to surround yourself with in order to accomplish this so that it doesn't stump your business. Meaning, if a new technology comes out that you absolutely will loose market share to, and you are scared to put yourself as an expert, then hire someone immediately that can keep you in the game. 

It has already been established the next industrial revolution will be that stemming from human creativity. Think about how corporate offices are shaped. Look at the movement of independent contractors all around you. We are called entrepreneurs, bloggers and creatives. Your ability to maximize on your individual strengths using your creativity. 

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Love XO

The Business of Tomorrow

Hello Fabpreneurs,

Can you feel it?

Can you feel the constant flow of newness happening all around you and your business?

We are literally on the super highway of a digital revolution and you and your business need to get into the flow of traffic. The real question here is what lane are you going to drive in. 

I am going to let you in on a little secret. It a BYOD world. What is BYOD you ask? It means that at some point in your business career, you will need to Bring Your Own Digital to your customers. You want to build relationships and community around what you have to offer? Then, you have to build a digital blueprint. It is the next step in every business that hasn’t done so already. 

So what areas do you need to focus on? As I writing this blog post, I realize that I want to do this in steps. I will make this part of my business summer series. How to really think about moving your business into the business of tomorrow. I am in the process of doing it as well just to be a resource for you. 


Here is a glimpse of my partial To Do List. 

1.) I am in training to do clickable demos for those wishing to launch software. 

2.) I am taking coding classes so I can really develop personalized website functions 

3.) I am launching my Digital services on June 1, 2017

4.) Mastering Pinterest for Brands 

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Checklist Marketing ~vs~ Real Daily Marketing

Hello Fabpreneurs, 

Happy Monday!! I know I usually do Business posts on Wednesdays, and I promise to get back to worksheet Wednesdays, but I had to do this today. 

Over the weekend I had a very relevant conversation with a local business owner about marketing. His sentiment was that there is so much out there to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis that he felt like he was all over the place. So his coping mechanism was just to post the same thing everywhere whenever he can. 

I just had that big eyed look that I always have, and sat there in disbelief for a moment. Did he really just say that. 

This blog is dedicated to anyone who may be stuck in that same state of mind. 

Checklist marketing is when you have a to do list such as...

1.) Post on Facebook

2.) Post on Twitter

3.) Post on Instagram

4.) Post on Snapchat

and so on and so on and so on.....with no purpose at all. You are literally throwing things out there to see what sticks. 

Real daily marketing is curated. It's strategic. It aligns with whats happening inside and outside of your business. It tells a story. It sends a message. 

Strategy #1

Plan, plan and plan. I am DEAD serious about this. Plan your social focus. The message can be the same displayed in different ways. Just make a list first to plan it out. Because the next step is very important. 

Strategy #1.5

Do a trial and figure out where you are getting the most interaction and feedback. Meaning if you post for 1-2 weeks, fade off of the social platforms that your audience isn't responding. The remaining will be your focus. 

Strategy #2

Re-plan to only focus on your main social channels. You natural social media feeds are just as important as your paid advertising. You must have decency and order in one before you move to the other. 

I am going to start with this so as not to confuse where you should start. I will add a second part to this post later on in the month. 

Smart Is The New Business

Hello Fabpreneurs, 

In a day and age where Digital Intelligence ranks high, the everyday female consumer has to keep her smarts in order. 

I want to dedicate this blog post to all of the BAD ASS BOSS BITCHES who keep at it daily. 

So, if you are reading this and the questions floating around in your head are, "What do you have to be smart at with a digital business daily in 2017?"

Well, here is your answer according to me!! Keep in mind that this is in no particular order and I will probably do a similar post midway through 2017. 

First things first...

You have to know where your audience is hanging out. 


You have to know what the right time of day is to post to your audience. 


You have to communicate with them in their language. Meaning, you become part of their life. You know their likes and dislikes. 


You have to spend money on social advertising. 


You must study Social Platforms and understand their language and how to communicate on them consistently. They are the next most important thing to your power. 

FullSizeRender (6).jpg


Tell you story. Be funny, endearing, truthful, transparent but most importantly, be helpful!!!


You must be mobile. This is the GAME!!!


Your visuals should be massive. I don't care if you loose sleep over images and video, they will drive  your business. Visuals are the glass windows to your business. PERIOD!!!


You must be REACHABLE. 

XOXO Love.....


The Thoughts of a Newly Minded Entrepreneur

Every year someone does it. A woman (group of women) decide that they are going to take that plunge. They are going to live the rest of their lives on their own terms. New Entrepreneurs, Mompreneurs, Solopreneurs and every other kind of preneur... embark on that most exciting yet stressful journey. 

I just wanted to sit my glass of wine down and speak to you a little about my own experiences over the last 6 months that were very real, very scary and very relevant to where I am right now. To many times in life I feel like we don't have those courageous conversations. 

Reflection One

I really needed to have a plan as to what, how and when I would distribute content. I had a thought like, "Yeah I will do blog posts 3 times a week." But let me tell you what happened. It was a mess. I was all over the place with my topics, and what it really looked like was a brain dump all over the internet. I knew that I had a huge amount of info to share. I just didn't take my time and curate it very well. 

Reflection Two

I initially thought that blogging would be easy and that I would be smart enough to just wing it until I made it. I was completely wrong. Those who had been in the game long enough and were killing it, and I looked up to ( I's a run on sentence) had put a new level of werk into the game. I guess when all the REAL Fashion Editors couldn't decide how to take the IT that is blogging, the pioneers set the tone. 

I had to learn photography. I had to learn web design (at least the basics). I had to learn photoshop. Lastly, I had to learn video editing software. And this takes time. And the only thing that will get you through is an extreme willingness to get it done and for it to be prefect. 

Reflection Three

I needed to get myself Healthy & Fit. I still work at it daily, but it has really helped to improve me and helped me understand who I am as a woman. 

Reflection Four

I journey has set up the complete vision that I have for myself and my life. It has completely opened my eyes and my Pandora Box. I feel ready for this year. I am ready for all of my Highs and Lows to come. I am ready to just go for it, with everything I have, and every-who I am. 

I will catch you at the end of the rainbow!!!


Worksheet Wednesday: The Old New ~vs~ The New You

It's Wednesday November 16, 2016. It's time to do a little worksheet on your Wednesday. 

One of the key things that is important to any kind of success in your life is to deep dive into your own mental. That means really having those conversations that we don't want to have that lead to those dark places we like to avoid. That can include conversations about finances and your relationship and belief about them. 

In this worksheet, I wanted you to really dig into five main areas and do a old you versus new you analysis. 

Just click on the image above, and as always you can email me at and I can send you back feedback around your answers. 

Worksheet Wednesday: Wanting It All Now

Hello There Fabpreneurs, 

I am starting this new thing where I want to put out Success Sheets on Wednesdays to help guide you in your path to Living and Earning the way you want. 

Today is the first Wednesday of November and I want to make sure that I set this up properly. 


You know how you look at others and wonder why things aren't working out for you? Like you feel like you have the same gifts and talents that they have, but can't achieve the same pull? 

I used to feel that way daily. So much in fact, it made me jump into action and really go after what I wanted. 

I created this worksheet to get you mentally prepped to do the same thing. 

Just click on the image, download the success sheet and fill it out. If you want me to have a look see, just email it back to me at and I'll give you some feedback.

Until Next Time.....

The Writing All Around You

How many times have your looked around and seen the signs that you were looking for and ignored them? 

In the last year, I was taken on a journey that literally opened my mind and my eyes to so many things. I started to really enjoy my own time and be okay with what I wanted in life and it not just be a secret thought. 

We ask for signs always. Signs for love. Signs for prosperity. Signs for vision and paths that lead to dreams. 

If you are reading this post, I want you to stop and look around you at all times and make sure that you are seeing the signs around you. 

I was made so aware of my strengths and my path that I wrote a 6 week program to help others do the same thing. I created worksheets and videos to help you get clarity around what you want. 

Until Next Time....



Do You Have Boss Sauce?

Strategies That Channel Your Inner Boss Chick!!!

I am not gonna lie here. I saw this title on the cover of a magazine at the nail shop and it hit right on the nose with what I am currently in tune with for entrepreneurship empowerment. Now like anyone else, I love a good quote like any other self motivated individual. 

In 2015 & 2016 I heard the word Boss more than I heard the word me or I. I mean.... everyone is a Boss these days right? 

For reasons that make me jump up and down for joy that so many people are choosing to live life on their own terms, I also want people to know the real. 

So let's look at the common factors that it takes to be the Boss. 

Number One....

Be a Current and LifeLong Learner

Stating the obvious, you have to be a lifelong learner. Why? Because if you don't, you will fall and fail hard. Everyday I am learning. I realized that I love using youtube as an extension of me at 40. So I am studying the professionals and learning the trade. 

Number Two....

A Willingness to Lead By Example

I learned this personally the hard way. You have to be willing to do any and everything that you ask of others, period. If you want greater graphics for your business, you need to understand the language and basic knowledge of your visuals. Period. Don't get lost because technology and software are tooooo hard. 

Number Three.....

Have a Vision and a Plan

This is one of those things that is definitely easier said than done. I think to many times we start out strong and then we wander off. To many distractions. 

Number Four.....

Know and be willing to develop others

Please, please, please do not be scared to place value and resources into your employees and team. They will not outgrow you. You cannot succeed if you have that mentality. Everyone on the team learns and grows together. 

Number Five....

Be able to maintain and move forward in Chaos

Entrepreneurship would not be the same if you didn't expect chaos at some point. You have to be strong and keep pushing forward so when your team sees it, they move forward with you. Period...

Thrill of The Chase

Hello There Fabpreneurs, 

One of my favorite things to do in my business/job/life is to shop for new items to share with the world. When I shop for my online lifestyle brand I take careful time in every item that I want to bring into your space. For me, it's the thrill of the chase. 

In this blog post, I wanted to share with you some of the recent photos I took of the last show I attended. The shows fill your spirit. It gives you a sense of style without you even realizing it. It provides you with inspiration and motivation beyond measure. 

When I attended my first show in 1996, shows didn't look like this. It was just a room full of clothing booths and only the top brands had Deejays in their booths to get people to stay in that area longer. It was also easier to sell a top brand in your boutique. 

The rules of the game has changed a little. The players have changed a little. The one thing that has remained consistent is the thrill of chasing that style for the upcoming season for your customers and clients. 


Style Story: Stepping Boldly in Leopard

Who doesn't love a leopard. When I was younger, I used to think only older women wore leopard jackets, vests, skirts, sweaters, dresses and boots. And then I really started loving fashion. But, in the back of my mind, I wouldn't do it because it meant that I would also have to wear red lipstick with black lip liner. (the cringe behind the thinking of this.....) 

Fast forward on my quest to build the next Michael Kors powerhouse (he is my favorite powerhouse brand) I know that one of my staples every season has to be a leopard dress. I found this leopard maxi dress and I swear it is seasonless. You can rock it in the fall and winter with opaque tights and an oversized off the should sweater. You can rock in spring and summer with a denim jacket or just plain. You can just do it your way. 

Whatever you decide click here and get it. You absolutely won't regret it. 


Perfume Playbook: Michael Kors Very Hollywood

If there is one thing that you should know about me, it is that I love love love Perfume. I love to smell amazing. I love when people tell me I smell good. 

Small Confession:

I buy gift sets because they come with the hand lotion. I scour Marshalls, TJMaxx, Burlington Coat Factory and any other discount stores for hand lotions that sometimes come separately. 

For today's blog post, I am sharing one of my favorite scents, Michael Kors Very Hollywood. You can get it here for under $40 and I suggest that you put it in your arsenal. 

It's a floral scent with notes of Mandarin, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rasberry, amber, white moss and a few others. 

Michael Kors is one of my favorite Lifestyle Brands. I love how his brand fits into my life. He takes me on so many journeys with this scent. Use this spray when you want feel like having a moment in Hollywood amongst the stars.

Fashionably Yours,